Work Out, Lay Out, Stay Out

Work Out, Lay Out, Stay Out

Written by Betsy Wagoner and Jessie Polley. Media by Justin Smith.


The birds are chirping, the sky is blue, and Ella Peter’s flowers are blooming all over campus.  People are getting their rings by, you guessed it, spring. So if you’re an average GC student who’s not engaged, only slightly cares about your homework, and is looking for the beach body abs while still stuffing your face with ice cream, have we got an article for you!

We have compiled a list of four things that will get you looking great by May 25th.

Soaking Up the Sun
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1)  Get an hour of sun each day (as long as the weather permits). Right now is the perfect weather to take a blanket to Scott Field or Patriot’s Park and catch some rays with your besties.  With the beautiful 75 degree temperature, you’re not as likely to turn into a lobster as you are in the summer. But make sure that if you’re prone to sunburn you still grab that SPF 15+ sunscreen.  Building this base tan will make you ready for the summer heat and less likely to burn on the scalding hot days that we prayed for during interterm.

Girl Flexing
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2) Arm Workouts are the best way to get those bulging biceps. Whether you’re trying to look good in your strapless dress for Junior/Senior or in your cut-off while you’re playing Ultimate Frisbee on Scott Field, we have some great Pinterest inspired exercises listed below:

Triceps Kickbacks

Biceps Curls and Front press

90 Degree Arm Raise

Standing Shoulder Fly

Reverse Curl and Side Press

Standing V-Raise

Shoulder Press

Some good ole fashioned push-ups


*You should pick the proper weight based on your size. We both choose to do 8-10 lb. weights depending on how sore we are from the previous workout.  Also, based on your strength you should choose how many reps you do. We stick with about 10 reps per exercise.


Guy's Abs
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3) Ab workouts are great, they make you feel good and look good.  We do 25 reps of each exercise listed below:



butt lifts

side crunches

We also include planks doing them for a minute (only 1 or 2, don’t wanna get too beastly)

We also do some with weights including:

“split that wood up”

russian twists/cherry pickers

standing russian twists/cherry pickers


Girl doing leg lifts
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4) A killer butt workout is exactly that.  Below you will find a list of exercises.  We do 20 reps of each:

leg lifts


donkey kicks

straight leg kicks

toe taps

butt lifts

So, we hope that you find these tips helpful for you this warm season!  Remember, stay healthy and happy. Don’t push yourself harder than you should, but challenge yourself. Remember that consistency is key to obtaining the body of your dreams! Even if you only have 30 minutes a day, do your best to get some exercise.  It doesn’t have to be a killer workout, it could just be a walk to the square and back or some leg lifts as you’re brushing your teeth.  We challenge you to get out there and be healthy!


Incase you’re looking for more or would like to see where we found out workouts, please checkout these links:

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