Female Comedians

Written by Gregory Wright. Media by Paul Anderson.


Females have shown that comedy is no longer a mans world but that they can also be funny, smart and quick witted. Female comedians, such as: Joan Rivers (1933-2014), Margaret Cho, and Chelsea Handler, have sold out arenas and proved that comedy transcends gender and sexual orientation. These three women have shown great strength in a field that was predominantly run be men in the past.


Joan Rivers
Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/

Joan Rivers was a voice of snappy, quick witted, intelligent and blunt humor. Miss Rivers was adored by both males and females because she played in a male driven field and showed that she could hold her own. Joan Rivers got her break when she appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in the 1960s. Rivers would later co-host The Tonight Show when Johnny Carson was ill. Joan Rivers would often interview celebrities on red carpet events and pioneered the question, “Who are you wearing?”. Rivers comedy and face changed with the times. Joan Rivers was very open about her plastic surgeries and would often make jokes of it. Joan Rivers wrote twelve books and hosted her own daytime and nighttime talk shows. She was also the co-host of E!’s Fashion Police until her death on September 4, 2014. Rivers will be missed by the world and male and female comedians. Joan Rivers worked side by side with her daughter, Melissa Rivers and was a warm hearted mother and grandmother who adored her grandson. Rivers’s comedy paved the way for the candid comedy routines of Margaret Cho and Chelsea Handler.

*Video from: CNN*


Margaret Cho
Source: wikimedia.org/wikipedia

Margaret Cho is a female Korean American comedian and actress. Cho sells out shows whenever she performs. Her comedy routines often involve brutal honesty about her family life and love life. Cho paved the way for Asian American comics. Some of Cho’s television works include a short lived television series called All American Girl and Drop Dead Diva. She has also published two books. Margret Cho has shown that comedy not only transcends gender but also nationality and she is a voice for those oppressed by society and government. Her advocacy and hard work demonstrate how a woman can be just as influential as her male counterpart.


Chelsea Handler
Source: wikimedia.org/wikipedia

Chelsea Handler is a well liked stand-up comedian, actress, author, and an advocate for political and social change.  Chelsea Handler started her career as a standup comedian and then became an author. Chelsea has published four books (Uganda Be Kidding Me, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, and two other works). The writers of her own talk show, Chelsea Lately, published a book about her in 2011 called Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me. Chelsea Handler voices opinions that everybody wants to say but is often afraid too. She is a supporter of President Obama and campaigned for him on her show. Handler is an icon for young women who don’t think they will be heard.


In the past, comedy was predominantly a man’s world but not any more. Now, women have come into the comedy world proving that a female voice can be just as smart and funny as the male voice.



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