Meet the New Editors

Written by Lexi Baysinger, Tyler Lamb, and Kaylee Summers. Media by Tyler Lamb.



My name is Lexi Baysinger and I am one of the Editors-in-Chief for the 2014-2015 year. I am a junior and am majoring in youth ministry and English, with an emphasis in creative writing and journalism. I play soccer and tennis for the college, and am also a Resident Chaplain. I am from Belleville, IL. This will be my second year working with the Papyrus. During my time at Greenville College, I have traveled to Nicaragua, been to Hilton Head, SC twice, and have completed WalkAbout. I am known for having some type of food on me at any given time, whether it is candy or some kind of salty snack.


Lexi and a bear.
Lexi and a bear. Taken from Facebook.


My name is Kaylee Summers. I am the Co Editor-In-Chief along with Lexi Baysinger. I am sophomore majoring in Communication with an emphasis in public relations. I am also a Resident Chaplin in Burritt Hall on 2nd Dallas. I am from Bloomington Normal, Illinois. This is my first year working for the Papyrus and I am excited to learn and grow with the rest of the staff. In high school, I helped start and run our school newspaper and I’ve always loved creative writing and journalism. Along with writing, I love people. My favorite thing to do is to take people out to coffee and discuss life. My top five strengths include; ideation, adaptability, empathy, belief and connectedness.

Kaylee and a fish.
Kaylee and a fish. Also taken from her Facebook.


I’m Tyler Lamb, the Digital Media Editor for the fall semester of 2014 and I’m from Saint Louis, Missouri. I am a senior, double majoring in Mass Communication and Digital Media. I don’t have any extra curricular activities in my schedule this year besides the Papyrus, but in the past I have acted in plays put on by Greenville College. This is my third year working at with the Papyrus, and first time being Digital Media Editor. Since coming to Greenville, I have been in two full length plays and a one act. I have also acted, co-directed, and written three short films, two of which won awards at the film festivals they were entered in. On top of that, one of my films won a Gold and Best in Show award at the local American Advertisement Awards. I’m excited to be working for the Papyrus in this capacity this semester.

Tyler wearing a bear(not same bear from previous post).
Tyler wearing a bear(not same bear from previous photo). Surprisingly taken from his Facebook.



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