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Article and media by: Charley Phillips.


We are now in the midst of the semester and hopefully you all have places to call “home”. As a Senior this year, I have the opportunity to give you all some insight on living at college. Although I am a transfer, I lived in an apartment with two other girls my Freshman and Sophomore years. I know that the dorms are not as homey as your real home, but here are some things that will make your dorm room more lively.



Photo by: Charley Phillips

One of the first couple of items that I thought about were the small appliances. Mini fridge, check. Microwave, check. The good thing about these two items is that once you buy them, you don’t have to purchase them again! If you are a Freshmen, take note and if you have some extra money in a budget, then you should invest in these! If you already have one, well, then good for you! Another “plus” that you may look at with getting a fridge and microwave is that once you are done and graduated you can sell them for some extra cash! Just be sure that you use these appliances wisely. If you purchase some snacks for your room make sure to check the expiration dates in order to avoid your roommate’s anger when you forget about that 2 week old banana left in the fridge.


Another necessity is a fan. It may seem silly but trust me, this can come in handy. Last year when I was living in Tenney Hall there were times when the heater was on full blast and my fan was my lifesaver! It does not have to be a huge plug in fan because a simple desk fan can do wonders. I have also heard that sleeping with a fan can cause a “white noise” effect and can help you sleep better. A fan is another great investment for either a hot room or for a nice comforting sound.


Photo by: Charley Phillips
Photo by: Charley Phillips

Finally, there is nothing better than having your own TV in the room. My roommate and I have one. We do not use it all the time but when we do use it, it is a great way to have some time together. We do not have cable but we stream via Netflix or sometimes we break out a DVD. If you are really geeky, you can hook up your laptop and have a HUGE screen for your monitor. Also, if you have some cool gaming consoles like Xbox One, PS4, or any other system, a TV in your room is great! No more hogging the dorm hall living room TV.


These are only a few of the necessities that a student may want in their dorm rooms this year. If you watch the video posted below, there are more helpful items that can help you survive dorm life! Having trouble decorating your room? Click here to learn how to spruce up your room!


Do you have any tips on how to live in a dorm room? Comment below!




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