Homecoming Dance Recap

Written By Levi Jubelt Media by John Freeman.


Whether you are a fan of school dances or not, there is no denying that they are a big event. Many people enjoy the opportunity to get dressed up, grab some friends, and head out for a night of partying. Saturday, October 25 was the date of choice for the 2014 Homecoming Dance of Greenville College. Hosted by GCSA, the dance took place at the athletic complex behind the football field. Now, for those of you with bad memories of inappropriate dancing and atrocious music from dances in high school, rest assured that Greenville College keeps their events classy.

Photos by Jake Cannon for GCSA


As students were preparing for the dance the one thing many of them noticed is that it does not take place inside of a building. Instead, the dance takes place on good old solid ground. Despite many concerns that students had with the venue, GCSA took precautions against all of them. There were heaters placed inside in case of cold weather, tents to protect everyone from the rain, and walls that could be rolled up or down as needed. The dress attire for the dance was semi-formal and GCSA pulled out all the stops to ensure everyone was as comfortable as possible.

Ben Barber and Adam Crouch entering the dance!


The first thing you notice as you walk up to the dance is a picture booth set up out front. For those who are photogenic or for anyone who just wants to remember the evening, you can grab a picture before you get all sweaty from dancing. After pictures are taken of, you walk into the tent and are greeted by lovely Christmas lights strung throughout a dining area. The dance was sectioned off into a music area for those ready to party and a dining/conversing area for anyone who wants to talk or relax for a bit. This dining area had several tables with chairs to relax in as well as plenty of snacks and bottled drinks for everyone. There was also a raffle that anyone could sign up for in order to win a prize. However, as I was not the one win the prize it remains a mystery as to what the prize was.

Group of Sophomore girls having the times of their lives!


After grabbing some snacks and refreshments, it’s time to head to where the real party is. As expected of any respectable dance, the party section is filled colorful strobe lights and groovy music. Thankfully, Peter Huston aka PeteSnacks was the DJ of the evening so there were no worries about the quality of music. He kept the party going with classic dance songs such as Rock Your Body by Justin Timberlake and newer hits such as Single Ladies by Beyoncé. Of course the main event of the evening was crowing the homecoming king and queen. Although there were many wonderful men and women in the running, in the end there can only be one king and queen. This year the title of King went to Quinn Johnston and the title of Queen went to Ali Lund.

Queen Ali Lund and King Quinn Johnston


Homecoming 2014 was a blast despite everyone’s griping about it being outside. It just goes to show that you have to keep an open mind. The venue was good, the music was groovy, and the weather was perfect. What more could you ask for? I hope everyone that attended had a blast and congratulations to Quinn and Ali for being voted this year’s king and queen.


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