How to Ask Someone to Homecoming

Written and Media by Kelsey Neier.


Homecoming can be an exciting and stressful time. Guys are busy buying a tuxedo and saving their money to make sure that it will be a night to remember. Girls spend weeks in advance finding the perfect dress, accessories, and hairstyle to go with their outfit. Now that our dance is outside, another important question is raised, heels or flats?

Homecoming is an opportunity to ask that guy or girl you’ve been crushing on to dance the night away with you. Let’s back it up though, how exactly should you ask someone to homecoming? There are many ways to go about popping the question, and hopefully one of these ways will help you get the guy or girl of your dreams to say yes.

Be Creative

Girls love it when guys think outside of the box and do something unexpected to impress them. It will get you out of your comfort zone but if you don’t take the chance, someone else might ask your crush to homecoming. Try something like buying her favorite drink or dessert at Jo’s Java and deliver it to her with a message on or around the cup asking if she would like to go to homecoming with you. She’ll be happy you remembered what she likes and she’ll think the note was cute. If that doesn’t work, then throw a paper airplane at her head with a message inside, it’s the same concept.

Matt Bauman buys Erin Shull a delicious beverage. Photos taken by Kelsey Neier.
Matt prepares to launch his love note into Erin’s heart (or face).


Be Upfront

There’s always the idea of being straightforward and just telling him or her how you feel about them. Try not to overthink what you’re going to say, because then your words might come out wrong. You could start off by listing the little things you like about them followed by how lucky anyone would be to have them as their homecoming date. You could follow that up by saying how honored you would be if they would go to the dance with you. Your crush will appreciate your honesty and you’ll for sure have an answer without worrying about how they really feel about you.

Thomas Hajny tells Amanda Hermes his true feelings for her.

Be Considerate

Sometimes, the guy or girl you like already has a date, and that’s okay. Friends can get jealous of their crush’s new love interest and might want to try and break them up. Just remember that everything happens for a reason and don’t stop talking to the person you like. It’s important to be a good friend to them, even if they are interested in someone else. If he/she wants you to take pictures of them and their date, then do so. Make sure your friend has a great homecoming, even if it is with someone else. Otherwise, just go with another group of friends! When you’re in a group, there’s less drama and you will still have a great time!

Matt and Thomas work things out with a brofist.


Use Your Talents

Many people at Greenville College are extremely talented. If you are a musician, write a little song for the person you like asking them to go to homecoming with you. If they are introverted, find a quiet place to play it for them. If they are an extrovert, then jump on top of a table in the DC and sing your heart out to them! If you are a graphic designer then make a nice little invitation asking your crush to go to homecoming with you and put it in their backpack or somewhere you know they’ll see it. Be sure to make the card in a way that represents their personality and what they like. Even if you just write a cheesy poem, or short story, they will appreciate the time and effort you put into making something for them.

Erin listens happily as Matt serenades her by playing the piano.
Amanda enjoys Thomas’s guitar playing.


Don’t Stress

Like I said before, homecoming is supposed to be a time to get together and have fun! It’s perfectly fine if you don’t have a date. Sometimes you may have a better experience going with a group of friends! Eventually, the right person will come into your life, but sometimes we just have to be patient and enjoy the single life for awhile. So be sure to dress up fancy, take lots of pictures and enjoy yourself!

The happy friend group!



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