Midnight Madness

Written be Caleb Hall. Media by Katie Wallace

graphic by Katie Wallace


The night of Tuesday, October 14th, a spectacular event was held in the HJ Long Gymnasium. Better known as Midnight Madness, the kickoff to the men’s and women’s basketball season was a sight to behold. A night of fun and festivity, where excitement reigned and the good times were rolling.

Photos by Katie Wallace
Photos by Katie Wallace

The action was kicking off before the scheduled start time of 10:30 p.m. with students lining up as early as 9 o’clock. Free tee-shirts tend to have that effect here at Greenville College. The first 50 people to enter the gym were rewarded as such.

Things got up and moving with a stylized promo entry by the team, complete with the cheerleader tunnel and roaring fans in the background. Men’s and women’s warmups ensued, allowing the students to witness the unrivaled skill and mastery of the sport displayed on the court. There were certainly plenty of activities for the students, as well. Fifty audience members came out to join in a massive relay race where contestants dressed themselves in ridiculous outfits, completed a series of obstacles, and raced to the finish. The circle at center-court was turned into a dance floor briefly, throwing it back a decade with some fabulous oldies.IMG_2339

This exhibition showcased more than merely the basketball teams, however. The dance team dazzled the crowd with a fast and furious routine complete with moves only achieved with long hours of practice. The audience was equally thrilled by the cheerleading squad and their high-flying acrobatics.

The crowd got into the fun one last time in a long-lasting, anyone-is-welcome, classic game of knockout. The lines stretched around the gym and the gameplay was as intense as it gets. Finally the basketball teams got to showcase their hard IMG_2058work for their friends and fellow students. The women’s team scrimmaged first, subbing everyone in so the crowd was able to see the full range of talent available for the season. The dunk contest was no laughing matter either. Following around of warmups and trial runs the contestants got set for the real deal. While some hot and heavy slams were seen by those such as Nicholas Trisko, the undeniable king of the rim was senior Ronald Harris. His thunderous slam crowned him the dunk championship king. The men’s team scrimmaged to finish out the night, and it did not disappoint. The freshmen showed off some flashy skills, wowing the crowd with one slick play after another. That being said, the upperclassmen made quite a statement that they’re back and ready to rumble. Everyone, get set for an incredible year of basketball. You’ll see some amazing things.




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