Panther Talent Pageant Recap

Written By Levi Jubelt Media by John Freeman.


Most of us know of at least one friend that has a really weird or awesome talent. Maybe they can squirt milk out of their eye, lick their elbow or juggle chainsaws. Okay, maybe juggling chainsaws is a little extreme, but everyone has some talent that they can take pride in. Panther Talent Pageant seeks out these wonderful individuals and challenges them to perform in front of an audience for talent supremacy. This year four contestants gathered in LaDue Auditorium to compete for glory and for the grand prize.

GCSA hosted the Panther Talent Pageant and in order to have a fair assessment of the talent four guest judges were brought in. In order for the contestants to win they would need to impress Susan Chism, Kathie Filby, Scott Giffen, and Scott Humphrey. The winner would receive a bag of sweets, drinks, and a new pair of gloves for their performance.

Photos by Katie Wallace


The first contestant of the night was Adam “BopBop” Crouch. BopBop gave a dazzling lip synch performance of Single Ladies by Beyoncé. He started the competition with high energy and spirit. He showed us his dance moves as he jumped around the audience giving a few lucky people an up close and personal performance.

Adam Crouch performing his interpretation of Beyonce’s Single Ladies


Peter Huston was the next one to strut his stuff with a stand-up comedy skit. Peter lined up pun after pun as he kept the audience laughing. At the end of his performance, Peter left everyone with some words of wisdom. He personally endorsed and encouraged the use of baby wipes over dry toilet paper because everyone deserves to feel clean.

Peter Huston showing off his talent of joke-telling


Albert Lee was the next talented panther who gave a stunning performance of Csárdás by Italian composer Vittorio Monti on his violin. This beautiful folk piece rang throughout the auditorium as Albert expertly played the tune. It left goose bumps on your arm as the gentle sound of the violin wrapped itself around you.

Albert Lee doing his show-winning performace


The final contestant of the evening was Frank Dalton and his series of soccer ball tricks. After a few misfires and shots to the head, Frank was able to impress the audience with his mastery over the ball. However, what came as a surprise was that this was merely an opening act to his real talent. After the soccer ball tricks, Frank went over and took a seat at the piano on stage. He then proceeded to play the classic Für Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven. The soccer tricks may not have impressed everybody, but Frank’s piano playing most certainly did.

With all the performances over, it was time to hand it over to the judges. After a few minutes of deliberation the judges finally announced the winner as Albert Lee and his violin performance. Albert was unable to win at a similar event last year so he was grateful to have won this year. Before the crowd started leaving though, Albert celebrated his win by playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on his violin and encouraging the audience to sing along.

Winner Albert Lee with First Lady Kathie Filby






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