Stop Tripping and Start Living


Written by: LaTanya Moore. Media by: Charley Phillips.



“Stop Tripping and Start Living,” is a quote that is spreading through the Peoria area like a wildfire!  The man behind the popular phrase is James “Agbara” Bryson, the founder of a program that focuses on strengthening not only individuals but businesses and organizations as well.

Bryson’s program, The New Millennium Institute, focuses on providing life skills that help enhance healthy lifestyles through its workshops and community events.  The program has been around for ten years and has grown stronger as time goes by and keep in mind that there is no sign of Mr. Bryson slowing down any time soon.  He is currently working on starting a life skills academy and I am sure many of his supporters are waiting anxiously.



James quotes, “people have self handicapping behaviors which can prevent people from reaching wholeness.”

In the past, Bryson who has a Master’s Degree in Social Psychology, found himself in a self handicapping position.  He was a student who did not try very hard and could not get motivated to strive to reach his goals.  He was tripping over his own feet and almost missed his chance at success.  It did not take him long to bounce back but nowadays he is seeing a common attitude in people today.  He spent 15 years at Illinois Central College of East Peoria being a mentor to students with different stories.  There he crossed paths with individuals who had criminal backgrounds, broken homes, mental challenges, and other life struggles but overall the desire to succeed.



From that experience he birthed a program called Harvesting Dreams.  This program was focused on African American Males and pushing them toward success in school and life due to their high drop-out rates and activity in the streets.  Harvesting Dreams is a success that led James Bryson to receiving a proclamation signed by Mayor Jim Ardis.  Students still meet up once a week to push towards their goals even though James is not an active leader in the program.

The New Millennium Institute’s Logo on Facebook

While speaking with Mr. Bryson he asked me if I knew what I was put on earth to accomplish.  Then he went on to explain how we all have a purpose in life and without passion we will never reach our full potential. This is something that I definitely can relate to and I am sure others can as well.  His views on this topic are further explained in one of his books titled “Stop Tripping and Start Living: Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle!

James Bryson is a leader in the community who is striving for change in people and in the world. Looking at the group’s Facebook page I see people acknowledging him and his great work. Daniel Moore, one of his followers, post that he is reaching out, touching lives, and being an influence for the good.  Watching this man I can totally agree with that comment. He is a positive role model and just what the community needs. I encourage people all over to support James Bryson and his program, The New Millennium Institute. It would be nice if we all could Stop Tripping and Start Living!


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