Table Tennis Club

Image Edited by Katie Wallace
Written by Caleb Hall. Media by Katie Wallace.
Image Edited by Katie Wallace
Image Edited by Katie Wallace
Greenville College students rarely come together to form a new student organization or club. However, this very semester a promising new social club has come about: The Greenville College Table Tennis Club.

Graphic by Katie Wallace



Senior Alex Dowley and sophomore Anthony Wilson hatched the idea together to found such a club. Both Anthony and Alex share a deep love for the game of table tennis (more commonly referred to as ping-pong). They play as often as possible between studies and other responsibilities. Alex represents GC on the tennis courts, yet still finds time to light it up on the table tennis ‘court’ as well.

Code Power and Chris Heckman playing singles

Besides Alex and Anthony, the following are original founding members of the club: Jon Urshan, Code Power, Nate Wieland, Chris Heckman, and Caleb Hall. Both Nate and Chris are in their first year at GC and are already showing their talents on the tennis team as well as table tennis club. All members have been coming together to play and have fun from day one at Greenville, but it was only recently that the idea was voiced and carried out. Professor Danara Moore is the club advisor, and is extremely excited for the future of the organization, since it has only been around for a couple weeks and there is an incredible amount of interest surrounding the club.


Players4 Players3


Tryouts are still being held and the Facebook page is updated with tryout information and club stats nearly every day. Of those who have tried out, Brooke Bryant, Noah Kneer, Josh HerrickNolan Osmond, Brittany Sanguinette, and Taylor German have been added. Practices are held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 3:30 in the Upper Union and anyone is welcome to attend.

Most people think of ping-pong as a funny activity done in someone’s basement, and therein lies the difference. Ping-pong is the casual game played in basements across the nation, while table tennis is an utterly different animal. It is a sport,

Taylor German and Chris Heckman playing doubles
Taylor German and Chris Heckman playing doubles

one Olympians compete in as well as collegiate athletes across the world. GC’s table tennis club will play several matches throughout the season. Our first tournament appearance will be November 1st at Lindenwood University in St. Louis! Most of the athletes we will be competing against come from universities which give athletic scholarships to play table tennis at, and since there are no divisions for the game we will face up to such schools as SLU, UMSL, Lindenwood, U of I, SUI, and Washington University. If there is enough interest buses may be taken for students who are curious and desire to watch their friends and fellow GC students compete in an almost completely unknown sport. The club members appreciate every bit of support, so tell your friends!




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