5 Christian Songs to Uplift Your Spirit

Graphic by Kelsey Neier.

Written by Amanda Hermes. Media by Kelsey Neier.


There is so much going on in the world right now as well as within our campus. Heart ache and sorrow, life and death, there are good things and bad things. In this generation we turn to things like social media, television, and music to help us through every life. So with all of the sadness that has been affecting our small town in southern Illinois, here is a list of songs to help you through school and life.

1. In the light by DC Talk—I like this song because it reminds me to look towards the light and to God when my times are dark and I am struggling. Even though it may be hard it still gives me a chance to remember the light is where I want be.

2. By your side by tenth avenue north—It’s a reminder that God is always by my side regardless of what is happening and that He will never leave me.

3. Fight another day by Addison Road—This song reminds me to keep going when times get rough and I just want to give up.

4. Oceans by Hillsong United– This song remind me that there are times of trouble and that God may test us to see how true our faith in Him is. Yet no matter what He will never ask us to handle more than we can bear.

5. Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath – In this song, a man is asking God to make it so he can see through Gods eyes. I would love to see what God sees and understand why he loves us so much and this song makes me feel hopeful of that.

There are so many songs that I like to listen too. These are just a very limited selection. I have an iTunes library full of inspirational and happy songs. I also have songs for when you are feeling low and you just need some comfort. If you look hard enough you can find a song to go with any situation in life.


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