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Article and Media by: Charley Phillips.


Greenville College is a big community that always has something going on. Whether it would be sports or student ran events, there are many opportunities to interact with everyone on campus. One of the major conflicts with this is ‘getting in the know’ and never getting to hear what is happening at Greenville. There are many resources out there that Greenville College provides! Check this out and get connected!



Let’s talk media, social media that is. Most of us have some form of it whether it would be Facebook or Twitter, Yik Yak…whatever. Facebook has been a great way to stay informed for students as well as anyone who is interested in Greenville College. Most pages include athletic pages, student organizations as well as informative pages. Most, if not all, associations are on Facebook. If you haven’t already, go and give them a ‘like’!  Personally my favorite is Greenville College Memes.

Listed below are some resources that are always current and up-to-date on Facebook:

Greenville College (Official Facebook)

Greenville College Alumni Association

GCSA: Greenville College Student Association

Greenville College Vespers

Greenville College Chapel



If you don’t want a lot of updates on your Facebook popping up, the alternative is Twitter. This way you get brief updates from the same pages or even more specific groups. The Digital Media department always has updates on what is going around in that department and also showcases students works. I enjoy Twitter for GC updates, and on occasion they can favorite your tweets! If you want to have some sweet updates on campus activities, Twitter is the place to go for alternative social media!

Have Twitter? Follow these pages, make sure you use #gcUpdates to show your love for this article!

@GCconnect (Greenville College)

@AdvisingGC (Advising Center)

@GCAlumni (Greenville College Alumni)

@OnlyGreenville (Only at Greenville)

@gvctheatre (Greenville College Theatre)

@GCVespers (Vespers)


Source: Jo's Java Facebook
Source: Jo’s Java Facebook

Need a place to hangout to do homework or even to meet with some friends? The friendly and always delicious Jo’s Java is a place to go. They too are connected through Facebook and Twitter. Not only are they on there, but they also host TED talks on occasion. Click here for an article about their yummy treats you can purchase while stopping by! Another plus is to see the always friendly baristas serving something special!



The athletic department is one of the top establishments for Greenville College. Athletes make up for a good amount of students attending Greenville. That being said, there are a lot of teams that are represented here. From volleyball to baseball, and even to cross-country, they are all connected! If you want to be informed or even show your support, go ahead and look up these teams’ social media pages! They would appreciate your support! Stay up-to-date with scores, player updates, and recruiting news that happens all the time!

Source: Greenville College Volleyball Facebook Page
Source: Greenville College Volleyball Facebook Page

Women’s Sports:

Basketball: Facebook @gcwbball

Cross-Country: Facebook

Soccer: Facebook @gcwsoccer

Softball: Facebook @gvcsoftball

Track & Field: Facebook

Tennis: Facebook @gcwtennis

Volleyball:  Facebook @gcwvolleyball

Source: Greenville College Baseball Facebook
Source: Greenville College Baseball Facebook Page

Men’s Sports:

Baseball: Facebook @Baseball_GC

Basketball: Facebook @gcmbball

Cross-Country: Facebook

Football: Facebook @EMAPFootball

Soccer: Facebook @gcmensoccer

Track & Field: Facebook

Tennis: Facebook @gcmtennis

Volleyball: Facebook @gcmvball







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