5 Reasons I Thank God for Potatoes

Written by Paige Farnworth | Media by Thomas Hajny


After reflecting on my Thanksgiving break , I have been deeply thinking about what I’m thankful for. I am not just thinking about the big things like family, friends, job, etc. , but the little things as well. In our listing of all the things that we have been blessed with this year, why is it that no one thinks to put potatoes on the list?

How could we not thank God daily for one of his best creations? Unfortunately, not everyone shares my opinion that potatoes are heaven sent. Here are the five reasons I thank God for potatoes and I believe you all should too.

Source: Giphy.com
Source: Giphy.com


1) The Cooking Possibilities

Baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, French fries, curly fries, scalloped potatoes, hash browns, and tater tots… need I go on? I personally believe that each of these warm and mouthwatering dishes should be a reason to thank God all on their own, but in all fairness we will just lump them together. With the different kinds of potatoes that exist (such as golden potatoes, red russet potatoes, Idaho potatoes, sweet potatoes etc.), the cooking possibilities are almost endless. You could eat a form of potato for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. What other vegetable could do that so deliciously?


Matt Bauman enjoys this plate of potatoes for dinner. Source: Thomas Hajny
Matt Bauman enjoys this plate of potatoes for dinner.
Photos by Thomas Hajny.
Charlie Herrick is always sure to include a healthy(?) portion of french fries. Source: Thomas Hajny
Charlie Herrick is always sure to include a healthy(?) portion of french fries.


More potatoes! This time it looks like theyre scalloped. Source: Thomas Hajny
More potatoes! This time it looks like theyre scalloped.


Potatoes can be boiled, mashed, fried, or baked. They can be salty or sweet, healthy or not. They can be put in soup, casseroles, or eaten on their own. Have you ever taken your Thanksgiving dinner plate of turkey, mashed potatoes, and corn, and mixed it up into one mountain of deliciousness? If not, then you have not lived, my friend. So many potato cooking possibilities, so little time.

Source:  memegenerator.com
Source: memegenerator.com

2. Presidential Potato

Even Presidents like potatoes. President Thomas Jefferson gave his seal of approval on the vegetable when he was the first one to serve French fries in the White House. Yes, you read that right. Thomas Jefferson held a fancy dinner at the White House… and served French fries.  That on its own just gives potatoes so many bragging rights. One of the cheapest and simplest forms of potatoes can impress and satisfy the leaders of the world. You go potatoes, you go.

Source: theweek.co.uk
Mr. President enjoys potatoes himself. Source: theweek.co.uk


3. National Potato Day and Potato Museums

Did you know that August 19th is National Potato Day?  Now you do. Potatoes are so awesome that they have their own day to celebrate them. Not only do potatoes have their own day to commemorate their awesomeness, but there are multiple attractions  for people to see as well. Who doesn’t want an excuse to eat potatoes all day long? Am I wrong in thinking that a potato museum would be such a randomly fun road trip? Of course not. Everyone secretly wants a picture with a giant potato.

4. Space Spud & Other Historical Significance

Being a huge fan of all things space, let me just say that I am particularly proud of the fact that potatoes can grow in space. In fact, in October of 1995, potatoes became the first vegetable to be grown in space. NASA found a way to do so with the goal of feeding astronauts on long space voyages. One small bite for man, one delicious meal for mankind.

These space spuds are not the only potatoes to hold some historical significance.  I will not blabber on in too much historical detail for you can read the linked article for that, but know that without the potato, our world would not be the same. One of biggest ways potatoes impacted history was their saving of the poor. Even poor farmers or children could grow them in poor conditions, and they were a great way to stay healthy. When the potato famine occurred, the once population-booming potato-eating Irish suffered, and emigrated for survival. That is the power of the potato.

5. Not Just For Eating

While I love eating my weight in potatoes, food is not all they are good for. You can cut potatoes to make stamps for your next craft. You can carve your own potato sculpture if you would like. Do not forget that your science teacher taught you how a potato can be used as a battery. Food, art, and science are just the beginning. Potatoes have a game dedicated to them. Hot Potato anyone? Potatoes are also the only vegetable I know of to have a children’s toy and character. Mr. Potato head was always cool, and you know it.

Source: shopmadeinchina.com
Source: shopmadeinchina.com


This is me taking a moment to thank God for the nutritious and delicious creation that is the potato. I am thankful for its many uses and how it has impacted the world as we know it. I hope others can now see what an amazing gift potatoes are, and remember to share their glory throughout the holiday season.


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