Campus Profile: Alexandria LaFaye

Media and Written By John Freeman


Here in Greenville College, one of our most highlighted school qualities is our sense of community. Students and Faculty both connect with the community that surrounds our college as well as the community within our college. One of the main ways we grow in community is through students and faculty members getting to know each other. One of the ways we allow new and old students to get a sense of awareness towards our hard working faculty is through a campus profile. A campus profile is when the Papyrus gives info on a specific faculty member who has been a valuable part of our campus.

Artwork from A. LaFaye’s book “Walking Home to Rosie Lee


This Campus Profile is putting the spotlight on Alexandria LaFaye. Alexandria is an Associate Professor of Greenville’s Language Literature and Culture Department (LLC). Prof. Lafaye has been with Greenville since 2011. She has been a blessing and a wonderful teacher to all the students who have entered her creative writing, cross-cultural, and literary theory classes. As a student, I have had nothing but a positive and fun experience being in her creative writing class. Armed with her fun Scottish impersonation she would always keep her classes interesting and fun. Paying attention in her class was never hard for me thanks to her personality. In fact, I think the best thing about her creative writing class is probably the fact that she gives us the opportunity to write what we want. We of course still need to learn, but we accomplish that while we write whatever fiction or non-fictional piece we want. We were never limited to what kind of a story we needed to create in fiction or nonfiction. I remember her saying towards the beginning of class that there are dozens of rules to creative writing, the best writers learn them then break them.

Another thing that can be said about LaFaye is the fact that she also seeks to encourage and help other young writers. Many times she has mentioned and encouraged students to participate in The Live Arts Contest and spread the word about it. The Live Arts Contest is a yearly event where students from the college and high school are allowed to turn in Visual art, short fiction, poetry, spoken word poetry, nonfiction, serialized novels, graphic storytelling, and song lyrics. Anyone can turn in their submission until March 2 2015. First prize gets 200$ and a publication in The Vista and The Scriblerus. You can submit to the Live Arts Contest at LaFaye is also an Author of a number of books and you can see her books at her Facebook ( as well as her Author page (


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