High School vs. College

Written by Jonathan Barker | Media by Thomas Hajny


Some say, “high school is the best four years of your life.” Shortly after I arrived at Greenville College, I strongly disagreed with this statement. I decided to compare high school to college based on my own experiences and that of my peers.


Graphics made by Thomas Hajny


One of the biggest differences between high school and college is the structure of classes. In high school, we had little freedom in which classes we could take. Now that we are in college, we can take any classes we wish (since we are paying for them). Even though I personally disagree with some of the general education requirements, I appreciate a more substantial sense of freedom overall. Unless you are enrolled in a 7:30 class, you also probably are able to sleep in later than you did in high school. Other perks are only meeting a few times a week and being able to use the restroom without having to ask permission. From my experience, the professors here at Greenville care much more and take more interest in their students compared to my teachers in high school. I was bored with my classes in high school. My college classes continue to challenge me. College wins this one.




The work for our classes is the most stressful part of college for many of us. High school was much less busier and we were often given time in class to complete our assignments. In college, it seems our “to-do lists” fill up much quicker than in high school. The expectations our professors have for us is also on a greater scale than our high school teachers. However, the work we do in college feels much more valuable to us since there are many real-life applications. It was hard for me to put maximum effort for certain high school assignments that I felt lacked purpose. In college, I look at the big picture and it becomes easier to complete the needed work. Even though it’s busier, I will still give college the edge on this.




As mentioned in one of my previous articles, there are many things I do not enjoy about living on campus. My roommate and I are very close to one another but even we get sick of each other at times. I don’t remember being around my friends too much in high school. I think that this is a complaint that is a blessing in disguise. It’s awesome to always have someone to talk to, whether you’re having a problem or you just need someone to go to McDonald’s with at 2 in the morning. As an introvert, I never imagined living in a community would be this enjoyable. No curfew beats living with my parents (sorry, Mom). College wins another round.




Extra Curricular activities in college compared to high school may be the least obvious distinction. There are so many more opportunities for a specific career path compared to college. We are also given much bigger voice for change as students. Organizations such as GCSA, Papyrus, Music Business program, WGRN, World Outreach, etc. are available to us to gain experience in what we hope to do for the future. We have much more interactions with the “real world” through these programs than we did in high school clubs. And for that, I am grateful.


You may have noticed that I favored every aspect of college over high school. I don’t know how you felt about high school but I hated it. However, I love the opportunities and new experiences college brings. Personally, I will choose to change the saying to “high school is the best four years of your life if you never attend college.”


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