About Me: Paige Farnworth Opinion Section Editor

Hello, Papyrus readers! Your Opinions Section Editor here. My name is Paige Farnworth, but that is just one of my many titles.  Greenville College knows me as a senior English Education major who is preparing to graduate.  My high school students call me their student teacher Ms. Farnworth, Ms. F., or Professor Farnsworth from Futurama. Those involved with Greenville College’s online literary arts journal, the Scriblerus, call me Co-editor. Some schools know me as “The Book Lady” because I recently founded a non-profit organization called Authors for Fosters (Want to know more and help out? Find us on Facebook! ).  My five awesome siblings call me sister, Oates, Peaches, or The Great Stone Dragon. Don’t ask questions. We’re just cute, okay? My roommates call me Midnight Snack because I thrive in the night time and despise rolling out of my human burrito of warm, soft blankets in the morning.
Opinions Section Editor, Paige Farnworth
Opinions Section Editor, Paige Farnworth

Call me what you want, but all you need to know is that as long as I have my God, my family, my friends, a mountain of books, and an endless buffet of breakfast food, I am A-OK. I love to write and talk with other people about their lives and opinions which is one of the reasons I am blessed to work for the Papyrus! I am excited for my second semester with this publication and for all of the magnificent opinions articles we will be sending your way this semester! We publish personal thoughts on controversial topics, interviews, and polls from the GC community, and thoughts that keep us up at night, whether they are sassy, serious, or funny. Read us! Better yet, write for us. We want to hear your opinions!


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