An Evening with Noah Gundersen

Written by: Levi Jubelt, Media by: Steven Potter

The man, the myth, the legend, Noah Gundersen graced Greenville College with his presence February 3rd in the form of a concert at the Whitlock Music Center. Okay, I guess he is not technically a myth and maybe calling him a legend is a bit of an overstatement. However, Mr. Noah Gundersen did pay us a visit as his last stop during his latest tour. Titled “An Evening with Noah Gundersen”, this concert was a great time from start to finish.

Noah and Abby Gundersen
Photo by: Katie Wallace

The best thing about this concert was the relaxed atmosphere throughout the whole performance. His style of music was a big part of the relaxed atmosphere, but it was also because of the way he talked. After every couple of songs, he took a moment to tune his guitar and during that time he talked about different things. It was his conversation along with the music that made the concert fantastic.

For those who are not familiar with Noah Gundersen, he is a Seattle-based singer-songwriter who’s sound is an acoustic indie folk blend. This is just a general way to categorize his music and it does not even come close to accurately describing the quality of it. In fact, it is difficult to describe his music well. I personally find it relaxing, beautiful, soulful. His latest album Ledges tackles subjects like addiction and poverty with great care. This is just a brief description of Noah Gundersen’s music, but the best way to get a feel for him is to just go listen to his work.

Abby Gundersen plays the violin for her brother Noah
Photo by: Katie Wallace

One final thing that needs to be pointed out is that Noah Gundersen did not perform alone. He has been touring with his sister, Abby Gundersen, who accompanies him with the graceful playing of her violin. I am a sucker for violins and I absolutely love hearing them in songs. So, her parts really stood out to me. This may just be my personal preference in regards to music and concert style, but I thought this was one of the best small venue concerts that I have ever been to. Noah Gundersen is a very down to earth and talented musician and it was a pleasure to see him perform live. I can only hope that he will come back to Greenville sometime in the future.

[divide] Here is a little taste of his music.


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