Campus Profile: Jacob Amundson

Photo and edited by Jack Wang

Written by Levi Jublet, Media by Jack Wang

Campus Profile is here to give you a closer look inside your favorite professor here on campus or possibly one you didn’t even know taught here. Many professors may have interesting backgrounds or hobbies that we have no idea about. They may have stories from their years of teaching or from their past that are wildly entertaining. Campus Profile seeks to uncover these facts and give you a better look at the dedicated professors who teach here. This installment focuses on Jacob Amundson.

Jacob Amundson hails from northern Wisconsin just south of Duluth, Minnesota. He transferred to Greenville as a student in 1996, but left and went to St. Louis in 2001. However his absence did not last very long as he was asked to come back in 2006. He is now a professor in the art and digital media departments and teaches painting, drawing, photography, video, digital imaging, graphic design, and film studies, among other courses.

Photo with DM students who participated in the 50 hour fim festival in Fall2014. Source:

Jake has the ability to creatively teach what he thinks is relevant which has led to some interesting and unique classes such as Lego and Scuba. He tries to engage students on what is fun and what will get them interested, motivated, and prepared for the real world. In an interview with Jack Wang, he stated that out of all the classes he teaches his favorite is COR 101. He covers topics of film, culture, and critical thinking and he loves this course because he gets to watch fun movies and hang out with students.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure to meet or talk with Jake, it is important to know that he is an artist. If you have the opportunity, you should definitely go talk to him about his creations. His favorite artistic creation is his thesis exhibition he did for his Master of Fine Arts degree at Azusa Pacific University in California. Titled “LOL OMG … and other contemporary psalms,” his exhibition focused in 4 different areas: digital photography, video production, installation, and performance art. All the pieces were related, but came from different modes of production and background. Together he feels they represent his whole body of work and what his areas of expertise are, but also his vast interest in a variety of subjects and ways of producing work.

Jake took students scubdiving in Honduras Interterm2015
Jake took students scubadiving in Honduras Interterm2015

Being a professor of art and digital media doesn’t stop Jake from having other hobbies outside of class. He is an avid film fan, but he also loves to scuba dive. In fact, just this last interterm he received his Divemaster which is a diving qualification that allows him to be responsible for a group of divers. His favorite hobby is hanging with his wife and daughters. He loves to make art with them and plan out what their next adventure is going to be.

Hopefully now you have a better idea of who Jacob Amundson or learned something new about him. He is a fantastic person to get to know and talk to. So, next time you see him around campus try to strike up a conversation with him. I guarantee you won’t regret it.



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