February 6th LED performance at Cicero’s/ Meet LED

Written and Media by: Michelle Johnson

Friday night, February 6th, LED put on a high energy show at a local St. Louis restaurant, Cicero’s. Their set was a mix of their own original work and cover songs. Excitement from the audience combined with the band’s high energy made for a fun filled performance!

Throughout the show, they did well at interacting with their audience by introducing themselves, asking engaging questions, and even having the audience sing along. Watching the audience as the band preformed, it was clear that they were captivated by the performance. Almost everyone was dancing and anyone who knew the lyrics sang along.

LED Band Photo

“LED has, by far, been the highlight of college so far and I can’t imagine what life would be like without a single member of the band.”
-Brian Connelly

LED is a campus band with a mostly alternative/acoustic genre. The band is made up of 5 members: Trey Brockman, Mandy Pennington, Jordan Becker, Derek Soutiea, and Brian Connelly. Originally formed at the beginning of the school year as a Lab Band, LED has made great improvements to get to where they are now. To check out the band or find more information you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

IMG_4324 IMG_4325

After speaking with some of the members of LED about their experience, all seemed to agree that even though it is hard work, they wouldn’t change it for anything. Each has a passion for what they are doing. When asking Pennington about her experience with the band, she responded, “As a band, I would say that we have improved a lot since the beginning of the semester, not only in songwriting, but in style, arrangement, fullness of sound, and working together really well.” Brockman added to that saying, “I’m lucky to get to work with people that are passionate about this thing – and I think that counts for a lot.”


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