GC Speaks: If Hollywood Made a Movie About Your Life. . .

Written by Maci Sepp

Media by: Garrett Streeter


After the Academy Awards last weekend, there is a ton of hype about all the amazing films and dazzling performances from the past year.  Eddie Redmayne’s portrayal of Stephen Hawking took our breath away in “The Theory of Everything”, and Rosemund Pike astounded us as Amy Dunne in “Gone Girl”.  Biopics in particular seem to gain more and more popularity each year.  If only we could have the same Oscar-worthy actors portray us with the same energy and flair…  But if we could, who would you want to star in role of you?  Who would you want to direct the film of your life?  What would your movie be about?  We decided to go around the Greenville campus to ask students who they would want to see on the big screen in a new GC Speaks!


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