How To: Brownie Batter Parfait

Written by Sarah Stone. Media by Emily Martiens.[divide]
Just looking up how to make this amazing dessert made me want to try it. There is nothing bad about a Brownie Batter Parfait . The only possible down side to this recipe is if you eat all of the parfaits on your own, it may cause you to feel sick because of all of the amazing brownie batter in your stomach, or it could also just cause you to gain a little extra weight if you ate all of them for yourself. So make some of these bad boys and then share them with people that you want to be on good terms with. Because these parfaits will make anyone love you. I got this version of the Brownie Batter Parfait recipe from: ​​​.
Photo Source: Cookies and Cream
Photo Source: Cookies and Cream


• Prepared brownies in cut into cubes

Brownie Batter Whipped Cream
• 1 pint heavy whipping cream
• 1 cup dry brownie mix

Egg­free Brownie Batter
• 21⁄2 cups dry brownie mix
• 2 Tbsp vegetable oil
• 3­-4 Tbsp water


Brownie Batter Whipped Cream

1. In a large mixing bowl combine heavy cream and dry brownie mix. Using whisk attachment, beat cream for 2­3 minutes on medium high speed until whipped cream forms stiff peaks.

2. Set aside.

Photo Source: Cookies an d Cups
Photo Source: Cookies and Cups

Egg­Free Brownie Batter

1. In a medium bowl, combine dry brownie mix, oil and water. Stir until it is a smooth consistency. Adjust amount of water on the thickness of batter desired.

Photo Source: Cookies and Cups
Photo Source: Cookies and Cups

Assembling parfaits

1. In a small jar or parfait dish, layer brownie batter, brownie pieces and whipped cream. Repeat process.

Photo Source: Cookies and Cups
Photo Source: Cookies and Cups


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