Lincoln is my Homeboy

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Written by Mary-Todd Christian and Paige Farnworth. Media by Jack Dawdy.

You learned about him in school. You know his face. You’re jealous of his hat. For those of you from Illinois, you’ve probably been on at least one field trip to his museum(s), and had your ear talked off about him. With today being the beloved president’s birthday, we thought we would share ten reasons why Abraham Lincoln is our homeboy!


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1. His Hat Game is Strong
Whatever feelings you may have about his political policies or personal attributes, you cannot deny that he rocked his stovepipe hat. Pharrell has nothing on Lincoln. Who doesn’t respect a man that can pull off wearing a tall top hat at every occasion? That’s class, my friends.


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2. Lincoln and Illinois
Being that I, Mary Todd, am not from Illinois, I can’t personally speak on this subject. But simply from my observation, I believe that Lincoln is truly Illinois’ claim to fame.  Thanks to Lincoln, Illinois has a reason to attract tourism. Try visiting Springfield, Illinois and not seeing anything Lincoln related. Heck, you can even visit the city of Lincoln, Illinois where Honest Abe practiced law. What an amazing privilege! Illinois should be proud to call itself “The Land of Lincoln!”

3. Thank Lincoln for Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and apparently I have Lincoln to thank!  Even though a day of thanks in the United States had been suggested before, Abraham Lincoln was the man who declared it an official holiday! Thanks, Abe.

4. The Great Emancipator
Most of us are familiar with Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation speech that freed the slaves in all the Southern states. Even though it only freed those in the Confederacy, and was more of a strategic war move at the time, it did open the door to abolishing slavery throughout the United States. Thank you President Lincoln for moving this country one step closer to equality!

5. He Brought the Beard
Bros of today: meet your bearded brother of the past. Not only do I appreciate a good beard, but I appreciate someone who is willing to try something new. Lincoln was the first president to sport a full beard. Before him, full side burns and mutton chops were the presidential facial hair of choice when not going clean-shaven. Going against the norm, Lincoln brought “The Freedom Beard”

6. Female Suffrage Supporter
Females rejoice! While the 19th amendment wasn’t ratified until 1920, the women of today should be happy to know that Lincoln was a true suffragist himself.  Lincoln was one of the first presidents to suggest the right for women to vote and hold electoral offices. If alive today, Abraham Lincoln would be on your side, ladies.

7. “Honest Abe” The Wrestler
This is not a joke, people. Abraham Lincoln is in the Wrestling Hall of Fame! My homeboy can kick some serious butt. Can yours?



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8. “Mary Todd”
His wife had a pretty cool name… (Okay, I’m a little biased on this one.) But, despite Mary Todd Lincoln’s illnesses and extreme anxiety, Lincoln still chose to love her. What a man! Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln starring Daniel Day Lewis as the president, shows us a beautiful representation of their relationship. Here we have Lincoln as a great example of a husband.

9. An Animal Lover
Picture this: Abraham Lincoln cuddling kittens, puppies, and assorted farm animals. It’s adorable, right? Yes, we thought so too. Lincoln was an animal lover. If he were alive today I could even see him rocking a “You’ve Cat to be Kitten Me Right Meow” T-shirt.


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10. A Fight to the Death?
Nothing is more epic than a duel to the death, and some sources claim that a young Abraham Lincoln was almost a part of one. After some sassy and witty (Lincoln was a feisty one, folks) words written between the two men, James Shields and Abraham Lincoln agreed to a duel to the death. The two men never went through with the fight however, because at the last minute, a mutual friend brought the two men to their senses. I love this story about Lincoln because it is not his ability to wield a weapon that makes him awesome. Although he did have some strategy going in to the fight, his greatness comes from his change in attitude afterwards. Once a bit cocky, Lincoln learned from his mistakes and changed for the better.

We hope our reasons have convinced you that Lincoln should be your homeboy too. Happy Birthday, President Lincoln! We all tip our top hats to you!


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