Student Senate Meeting

Photo and edited by Jack Wang

Written by Squirrel Rauch, Media by Jack Wang

Have you heard the rumors about Burritt being torn down and turned into a gladiator arena? Or how about the one where Joy hall is becoming a girl’s residence hall?  If you have heard these rumors you may want to find your nearest senator and have them help you sort this out.

Before Senate
Before the senate meeting. Photo by Jack Wang


In our most recent weekly senate meeting, on February 18th, Tim Caldwell talked to the senators about some changes in housing next year. He gave us the facts so we could squelch these crazy rumors. So while Burritt is not going anywhere and Joy will not be transitioning, Holtwick will be having a few changes. It will be renamed “Holtwick International Hall for Scholars” and will have girls on the second floor and boys on the first floor.

Photo by Jack Wang
Tim talking about the change of Holtiwick Hall for next year. Photo by Jack Wang


There will be mostly international students living in Holtwick so that the college can provide them with the resources and help they need, but there are also opportunities for American students to be an international student’s roommate. There will be more information on Holtwick International Hall for Scholars at a later date, but while you start to think about where to live next year you can keep it in your mind. Tim explained that because girls will now be housed in 2nd Holtwick they are going to switch Tenney to a men’s dorm room and Kinney to women’s dorm room. This is because more of the displaced men will be able to fit into Tenney which will make sure that everyone has a place to live next year.

The next thing on the Senates agenda last Wednesday was to pass a constitution. Since 2012, Joy hall has had a lettermen program. If this is the first time you have heard of it, you are not the only one. The reason Alex Staton, the president of Joy lettermen, wrote up a constitution to bring in front of the senate was because he “wants them (the Joy Lettermen) to be recognized by the college and be a part of their community.” The Joy lettermen want to produce campus leaders and foster this brotherhood with four pillars – soul, mind, body and spirit. After their presentation the senators took a vote and unanimously welcomed the Joy Lettermen to officially become a part of Greenville’s campus.

Alex Staton talking with Emily about the proposal of JoyHall Letterman
Alex Staton talking with Emily about the proposal of JoyHall Letterman. Photo by Jack Wang

After this order of business took place we had some budgets to pass. A new club on campus “The Table Tennis Team,” which was approved by Senate earlier this year, asked for a grant of $250 to help in defraying the cost of some new tennis tables. Their request was granted and they will work through GCSA to pay for the tables. Connect Four, a club that goes into St. Louis to tutor children, also asked for a $250 grant in order to pay for gas money. This was also passed by the senators.

Emily Callon, the current VP of GCSA who leads Senate, ended our meeting with committee time, a time where the senators break off into groups to write proposals for changes on campus. A few things that are in the works are getting a convenience store on campus, building outdoor basketball courts on the empty lot across from the union, and getting a time for puppies to visit campus during stressful times like finals.

Emily Callon and Squirrel talking about the current and future Senate
Emily Callon and Squirrel talking about the current and future Senate. Photo by Jack Wang

Right now you might be thinking “Wow” Senate sounds super cool. I wish I could come sit in on a meeting and eat the snacks they always have like cereal, chips and salsa, and Oreo balls just to name a few and listen as different influential people from around campus come and talk to us about major changes. Well today is your lucky day. Senate is always open to the public and we would enjoy having you come and share some of your ideas and opinions. We meet in Dietzman 102 from 9:30-10:45 p.m. almost every Wednesday. It is announced on the day of each meeting in the Today@GC e-mails. Our next meeting is March 11th and we hope that you will come and be a part of the change.


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