Valentine’s Day on a Budget

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Written by Leigh Buchholz. Media by Jack Dawdy.

GC, it is almost that time of year again! A time filled with flowers and heart-shaped candies. A time that you might be dreading if you are low on cash. Well, to help ease your mind, here are some ways to let your special someone know that you care for them at little or no price at all.


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Gifts for Girls

Okay, so you don’t have a lot of money. That is okay. You can still show her that you care. Girls like sentimental things or gifts that take effort. For instance, you could hand make her a card out of construction paper or anything else you find lying around. You could also write her a song and perform it for her, if you are of the musical variety. You could buy her favorite candy instead of getting a huge box of chocolates because those can definitely get pretty expensive. As far as flowers, just get her one. You do not need to get her a huge bouquet. She would love it just the same. You could just spend some quality time with her. Make her feel special and loved. Maybe watch her favorite movie with her. Yes, even the chick flick that she cannot go a week without watching. Or maybe go on a walk with her around town and do a little window shopping. Next, there is the dinner route. However, instead of going out why not could cook dinner for her? It is the thought that counts and the possibilities are endless.

Gifts for Guys

Girls, it is true that guys would probably not enjoy flowers as much as you, but they do like chocolate or maybe just candy in general. So, get him his favorite or you could always go the baking route and make him some cookies or brownies or whatever else he might like. Also, you could hand-make him a card as well or make him something else. Just get crafty and possibly make him a booklet of coupons. Coupons that say ‘one free back massage’ or ‘one round of video games’. You could buy him a plain coffee mug and then paint it for him. You could write on it ‘World’s Greatest [fill in the blank]’. You could do the same with a plain t-shirt that you could find at Walmart or any other store that sells clothing. Some guys just want to spend time with their special girl. So, hang out with him and just do whatever. As long as you guys are together, that is all that matters.


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Whether it be hand-made cards, a song, or coupons, you can tell that special someone that you care about them without spending very much. Just show your special someone that you care and be together this Valentine’s Day.


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