An Ode to the Overly Sensitive

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Written by Maci Sepp. Media by Jack Dawdy.


Imagine this: you’re sitting on the couch watching your favorite TV show and suddenly they cut to commercial. But it’s not just any commercial. You begin to turn your attention away from the screen when you hear Sarah McLachlan blaring from the television speakers. And then you see them. The beagle with one eye. The tabby cat with half its ear torn off. The scruffy mutt behind thick cage bars. And just like that, you become a puddle of tears. People have to arm themselves with umbrellas and rain boots if they even think about going near you.

Maybe in the past, people have told you that you have a tender heart, you’re too emotional, or you’re overly sensitive. I know I’ve certainly had my share of accusations. Oftentimes, I react defensively or not at all. But being overly sensitive is about more than just crying about depressing animal commercials. It’s like we have a sixth sense where instead of talking to dead people we absorb the emotions – good and bad – of all those around us. We’re almost like a vacuum of feelings. Even though we have a wide radar, sometimes we have a difficult time understanding why most people

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receive waves of emotion while we get a tsunami of them. It’s not always easy figuring out how to handle your super-developed emotion receptors, but these are a few things I try to keep in mind when my sensitivity level is through the roof.


There’s no need to be ashamed.

Being a little (or a lot) more sensitive than the general population is not something you should feel the need to hide. Everyone has feelings, but yours are just more enhanced! It may not seem normal now, but heightened emotions are parts of life that we’ve all been through whether we admit it or not. Your sensitivity may enrich your compassion to gain experiences and share them with others. You have an acute sense of the world around you, and you may not realize it, but people admire you for it. The constant desire you have to help others and bring them comfort is beyond compare. Keep holding that sensitivity close to your heart and mind.


Don’t let yourself get too wrapped up in your emotions.

While you probably take great pride and joy in being active in the community and investing your time in other people, you may want to still watch your back. Don’t give people the power to manipulate you, and don’t allow others to pressure you into feeling or acting a certain way. It’s not anyone’s job to control you but your own.

On the flip side, don’t dwell on your emotions. No one likes a party pooper or someone who gets offended by the trivial parts of life. Getting upset about someone taking your last piece of gum or accidentally stepping on your toe in a crowded space only makes you look ridiculous. It’s not only draining to you, but it also frustrates the people around you. Complaining and moping around is a rain cloud above their heads that they’re eager to escape.


We need to stick together.

Us sensitive people need to remember to look out for one another. Surrounding yourself with people who understand you and care for you is key. You shouldn’t feel like there’s something drastic you need to change about yourself. Just because you’re overly sensitive doesn’t mean you aren’t a strong person inside. Never underestimate your own capabilities. They’re boundless and plentiful. I just know it. I can feel it.


This is for all the overly sensitive people out there who may be down in the dumps.


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