Avengers: Age of Awesome Part 2

Written by Joe King. Media by Austin Stephens.


Part 1

Age of Ultron

Joss Whedon said that AoU would be a true sequel to the Avengers, and it’s evident as to why he said that. It appears that Loki’s scepter will play a significant role in the movie, which will link both movies together. So, let’s first take a look at the brand new, awesome trailer that just came out and do some speculating and theory forming based on it and other information that we know.

The Trailer Breakdown

0:05 – We see Ultron seated on a throne, and the train of his robe fills the temple. Sound familiar? Yeah, there’s some pretty good symbolism going on right here in the first 10 seconds of the trailer. Ultron believes himself to be god and states, “I was made to save the world.” He goes on to say, “There is only one path to peace. Their extinction.” Unfortunately, when he says this, he’s talking about mankind. You see, Ultron is programmed to protect humanity, and in his eyes, humanity is it’s own biggest threat. So he comes to the conclusion that in order to save humanity from itself, he must wipe out all of mankind. Kind of counterintuitive, but I’m not going to argue with a 9′ robot that can fly and shoot lasers out of his hands. I’ll leave that up to the Avengers. It looks like he takes in the Maximoff twins as well, seeing them as superior to mankind. So now we know the villains motives and we’re only 30 seconds into the trailer.

0:38 – Obligatory Marvel title.

0:40 – Holy crap Avengers Tower! Like I mentioned earlier, its been long speculated that Tony would turn his Stark tower into Avengers tower. And now there it is, with the big Avenger A on the side. Tony’s probably been spending most of his time there with his Malibu home gone. That’s reinforced when the trailer fades to Tony building Ultron and doing a voiceover.

images via comicbookmovie.com

0:42 – Tony admits to creating Ultron and we can all give a cheer that we were right. Originally in the comics, Ultron is created by scientist and fellow Avenger Hank Pym. However,  because Pym isn’t getting his MCU introduction until his own movie following A0U, theories were running crazy as to who could create Ultron. Some thought Pym would make a cameo to create Ultron, others thought maybe the government, but the wide majority settled on Stark and Banner. But by Banner’s reaction to when Stark tells him, it looks like this was all on Tony. Something else significant was that he said, “I tried to create a suit of armor around the world.” He’s still haunted by the events of the Avengers and Iron Man 3 and trying to protect the people that he cares about. Also, with S.H.I.E.L.D. now being gone, Tony is trying to take the safety of the world upon himself.

0:58 – This here is a small snippet from a scene that was shown at a Marvel special event. It’s the earliest seeds of unrest between Steve and Tony that will lead to their ultimate face-off in Civil War.

1:00 – Here we get our first look at the Bruce/Natasha romance that we’ve been hearing so much about. I thought that she would end up with Steve, and there was speculation that her and Hawkeye had a thing when it was noticed that she was wearing a necklace with an arrow on it. But alas, she ends up with neither and has sparked up a relationship with Banner. She must like a guy with a dark side. Not surprising actually, considering who she is as well. But could this romance cause some problems along the line for the rest of the team? My bet is yes.

1:07 – Woah what?! Who the heck has the claws?! My initial reaction was that it was Ulysses Klaw, a villain already confirmed to be in the movie, and long time foe of the Black Panther. But upon further investigation, it appears that it’s just Hawkeye with a new style of telescopic arrow, so they can expand and retract and it allows him to carry more arrows at a time. That’s good, because without arrows he’s just a guy with a bow and a monotone voice.

1:08 – AHHHH! WHAT?! THAT WAS SO EPIC! This here is hands down the most epic shot in the trailer and any other trailer we’ve gotten from the movie. Judging from the scenery, we can guess that this takes place at the beginning of the movie, during their storm on Von Strucker’s base (a scene which has already been confirmed by Whedon himself). So I’m going to guess this is the first “reveal” of the Avengers as a team for this movie, much like the shot in the first movie where they’re all standing in a circle and the camera pans around them.

gif via comicbookmovie.com

1:21 – Here we get a face-off between the Big 3 and the Evil 3. It’s in what appears to be a rundown warehouse or something like that. Just judging from the scenery, it looks as though there are a couple other shots from the trailer that take place in this scene, like Ultron shooting lasers, grabbing Captain America by the throat, and Quicksilver punching Cap in the face in slow-mo at the 1:40 mark. Possibly a vibranium mine in Wakanda?

gif via comicbookmovie.com

1:24 – Here we come to a very crucial piece of dialogue. “No way we all get through this.” “I got no plans tomorrow night.” My ears perked up high when I heard this. Anyone who is familiar with the comics knows that at the end of Civil War Steve Rogers takes a bullet from Crossbones and then some fatal shots to the stomach from a brainwashed Agent 13. After that, Bucky takes up the mantle of Captain America. It appears that in the MCU, all of these pieces are falling into place. All the characters involved in this story arc have been introduced, including Doctor Faustus in Agent Carter, the man who hypnotizes Agent 13 to shoot Steve. And now with Chris Evans’ contract running out and Sebastian Stan having a nine picture deal with Marvel, we could possibly have a dead Steve Rogers at the end of his next movie.

1:29 – Captain America chucks his shield at Ultron and it lodges itself in his shoulder. Now we know that Cap’s shield is made out of the fictional metal vibranium, which can only be found in the fictional country of Wakanda. It’s been assumed that the movie will be taking a trip to Wakanda due to the global scale of the movie and also the inclusion of Klaw. Also, in a previous trailer there was a shot of a liquid metal running over Ultron’s arm. So he could have traveled to Wakanda to upgrade his body with a stronger metal. So when Cap’s shield pierces his shoulder, it would be vibranium piercing vibranium, much like diamond cutting diamond.

image via cosmicbooknews.com

1:35 – More Hulk/Hulkbuster fight! Woo! We got a much better look at it in previous trailers, but it still looks amazing here. Hulk is most likely under the spell of the Scarlet Witch, because it’s glimpsed very quickly that his eyes are red, which is a sign of her powers. We know that Scarlet Witch will be using her powers to mess with everyone’s minds, so this could be what she does to the Hulk. Anyways, I’m super excited to see this fight because the Hulkbuster is one of my favorite Iron Man suits, and after that severely disappointing “Igor” suit in Iron Man 3, it’s desperately needed.

1:39 – Alright, more Scarlet Witch stuff, just like I said. Here we see her using her powers on Black Widow. And there’s those red eyes, just like the Hulk. We’ll probably get a vision or flashback for this one, based on the Russian dancers seen in a previous trailer. We’re slowly finding out more and more about Romanoff’s past. We know that she’s Russian, or at least she was. And now thanks to the Agent Carter series, we got a look at the spy program she was most likely put through as a child. Hopefully this movie will show us a lot more as to who the Black Widow is and develop her character much more.

gif via comicbookmovie.com
gif via comicbookmovie.com

1:42 – Thor’s angry! I’m guessing this is in reaction to Tony revealing that he created Ultron. I can just imagine what Thor must be yelling at him as he pins Tony against the wall, “Way to go idiot! I’ve been here on Earth busting my butt to protect you guys with my lightning hammer and giant arms and you go and create some giant evil robot that wants to kill everybody! Totally unnecessary!” Only, you know, in Shakespearean lingo.

images via comicbookmovie.com

1:45 – Look look! Next to Thor, is that a new Iron Man suit? I think it is! Joss will once again be giving us an upgraded Iron Man suit before the team takes on hordes of minions in the final battle of the movie. And we thought Tony was done with his Iron Man suits. He has three in one movie! Boy were we wrong. We also get a taste of a cocky Thor taunting Ultron, which probably isn’t a very smart move on his part.

Images via comicbookmovie.com

1:47 – Here’s a very significant, overlooked piece of information. This is another of Ultron’s forms. It’s already been confirmed that he will be upgrading himself throughout the movie, but here’s some evidence of it. I know it’s hard to see with the top image, but if you look at his shoulders and his chest, and even his face a little bit, you can tell that they’re slightly different. They’re also in order from top, to left, to right. Another very significant change is the use of thrusters. In that first scene, it’s very clear that there are thrusters coming out of his feet as a boosts towards Captain America and grabs his neck. But then as he beckons his legion of miniUltrons it looks like he just hovers. Perhaps it has something to do with his new vibranium armor. Or the thrusters are just very small. Or maybe something else entirely different. I don’t know. It’s a comic book movie, things fly all the time for no apparent reason.

1:50 – From here until the title shows we just get shots of some stupid awesome fighting by the Avengers, with an awesome top-down shot of them fighting in a circle around some machine thing. I honestly have no clue what that thing could be. Maybe it’s something Ultron is trying to get to to blow up the world or something. Or maybe it’s nothing and just a set piece. Regardless, that one shot can tell us a lot. If you count, there are seven Avengers present. That’s one more than the last movie, with the newbie being Scarlet Witch. The notable absentees from this picture though are Quicksilver and Vision. Joss Whedon is known to kill off beloved characters, so it’s very possible that one or both of them are dead, but I find this unlikely. Because of a set photo that came out with Marvel: 75 Years, From Pulp to Pop!we can assume that Vision is somewhere in this scene. I also don’t think that Whedon would introduce an awesome character like Vision, a character that fans have wanted to see since the first Avengers, just to kill him in the same movie. The same thing would go for Quicksilver. Although, Ultron killing Quicksilver could be the push that Scalet Witch needs to turn sides to the Avengers. In my opinion, Quicksilver isn’t one to stand in a circle and punch things. He’s probably off somewhere else, running 100 mph and punching things. That’s way more his style.

giv via comicbookmovie.com
giv via comicbookmovie.com

2:02 – There it is. Finally. It’s so glorious. Our first official look at Paul Bettany as the Vision. I’ll give you a few seconds to take it in……………….Okay ready? Let’s talk about it. Marvel has told us that Vision will be a creation of Ultron’s to prove that he can make life (go back to that whole god thing). Because Paul Bettany is playing the part and he also voices Stark’s A.I. butler J.A.R.V.I.S., we can assume that the Vision will be J.A.R.V.I.S. in android form. Now I’m going to do a bit of speculation. As you can see, there is a glowing yellow crystal on Vision’s forehead. In the comics, he also has this and it’s a control crystal that Ultron put there to keep Vision in check. So it could very easily be that to pay homage to the comics. But what if it’s not? What if it’s actually the Soul Gem? That’s right, we’ve seen four of them so far, so what if we’ve now caught a glimpse of the fifth? Having the Soul Gem would set Vision apart from Ultron as he wouldn’t just be another robot. This theory would divert from the Soul Gem of the comics, but gems have been changed in past movies as well, so it’s not too much of a stretch. Again, this is only a theory I have based off of nothing really in particular.

gif via comicbookmovie.com
gif via comicbookmovie.com

So there you have it, the third and final trailer before the movie comes out. I think that with this trailer, along with the other ones we’ve seen, we can get a really good idea as to what the plot and story will be without really giving away too many big details.

Part 3 out now!



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