Avengers: Age of Awesome Part 3

Written by Jess Terr. Media by Austin Stephens

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What’s to Come in the Future

image via superherohype.com
image via superherohype.com

This movie is going to greatly impact the future of the MCU. For starters, tensions are going to build between Tony and Steve. Stark is going to feel guilty for creating Ultron and will most likely put forth some sort of hero registration act to keep everyone in check. Rogers will oppose this and it will lead to Captain America: Civil War. Next up after that will be Doctor Strange, the first new property for Phase 3. This will introduce the mystical magical side of Marvel into the MCU, although I think we’ll be getting a little taste of it from Scarlet Witch in AoU. I think it would be awesome if she showed up in Doctor Strange, as well as Vision with his Soul Gem. It’s a possibility. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 won’t feel the impacts of AoU for very obvious reasons, but they’re going to have to meet up with the Avengers eventually. Now originally, Thor: Ragnarok was next on the list, BUT, thanks to some recent events, a new Spider-Man will be taking that place, pushing all other movies back except for the Infinity War movies. I’m not even going to go into detail about all this Spider-Man stuff because it’s just way too much. Although it is widely speculated that he will appear in Civil War, so keep an eye out for some casting news on that end. Black Panther has had many hints leading up to his solo movie.

image via comicvine.com
image via comicvine.com

A blip on a map for the location of Wakanda was glimpsed all the way back in Iron Man 2, AoU will be visiting it, and the character himself will be making his debut in Civil War. So obviously, there will be some large events happening to Black Panther that will effect him when he finally gets his own movie. Captain Marvel and Inhumans are almost too far out and removed from the rest of the MCU that it’s hard to speculate on them. Although they have been introduced recently on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so there is going to be a long development process for them leading up to their solo movie. Also, another tiny little detail that shows how well planned Marvel is. Take another look at that map from Iron Man 2. There’s a blip in the Atlantic ocean. A lot of people assumed this to be the location of Atlantis, which would mean Namor the Submariner. But with Namor’s film rights belonging to Universal, this is highly unlikely. Although, it still could be the location of Atlantis, because in the comics, the Inhuman home of Attilan sits above Atlantis. It should also be noted that with the Spider-Man bump, Black Panther was pushed to the middle of Infinity War and Inhumans was pushed until after. This means that these two movies don’t play off of the events of Infinity War too significantly. Perhaps the first part is set in space, with Thanos collecting the gems before heading to Earth in part 2. That would help explain the time shift for Black Panther’s movie.

There’s a lot happening with Marvel and I’m so excited for all of it. I just have to keep telling myself that it’s less than two months away. I can make it. I can make it…Maybe I’ll watch the trailer for the 50th time. That’ll help me a little.


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