Burritt CRE: Kelsey Groves and Keli Totton

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Written by Emily Foster. Media by Jack Wang.[divide]

When one thinks of Emily Humpherys, many things may come to mind. First, there’s her phenomenal chicken tortilla soup and her chocolate chip cookie recipe that has been perfected over the span of three years. One may also think of balloons flying through the air, walks at Patriot’s Park, intentional relationship, and spontaneous adventure.

Emily and current Burritt RCs. Source:www.facebook.com
Emily and current Burritt RCs. Source:www.facebook.com

After four years of pouring into the Greenville College community as a Coordinator of Residence Education (CRE) and Assistant Dean of students, Humpherys is leaving to begin a new adventure and a new job. Greenville has been her home for quite a few years, and this chapter of her story is coming to a close. “I will miss the thoughtful, intentional community at Greenville the most. God dwells with us everywhere, but Greenville will always be a ‘thin place’ for me – a place where the Spirit is evident around every corner.”

When asked what she will miss the most about working with Humpherys, Liz Johnson, a first year Burritt Resident Chaplain (RC) responded, “I will miss Emily’s questions. When you have a conversation with her, it is not a regular conversation where people just talk and respond. She intentionally listens to what you say and asks underlying questions that help you think more deeply about yourself and your understanding of things. You can tell she cares. She challenges and inspires me to be intentional and to think about what I am doing and how I am affecting myself and others.”

A committee is currently in the process of hiring a new Burritt CRE, who will begin at Greenville next school year. Stepping in to share the role of Burritt CRE for the remainder of this semester are Kelsey Groves and Keli Totton.

Keli Totton and two other Burritt RCs, Source:www.facebook.com
Keli Totton and two other Burritt RCs, Source:www.facebook.com

Totton is currently a Burritt RC and will be taking on some additional responsibilities to help the transition go smoothly. Groves is currently the Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean of Residence Life, Tim Caldwell. She will be moving in to Burritt for the remainder of the semester. Groves is most excited about being able to spend time in the residence hall and getting to know the staff and residents better. Groves is a G.C. alum, but never lived in Burritt, so she is excited to experience the community that happens in the building. The Burritt RCs are ready and excited to take this step in a new direction, and to have the opportunity to grow under new leadership over the next few months. Though Humpherys will be greatly missed, the Burritt residents, fondly known as the Burrittos, are in good hands.

Here is the video of Kelsey Groves talking about her thoughts of sharing Burritt CRE with Keli Totton.


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