Campus Profile: GC Color Guard

Media by: Steven Potter

Article by: Tracey Siivola and Emelia Ferrero; Media by: Steven Potter[divide]

Have you seen some girls on campus who walk around with 6 foot flags from time to time? Wondered where they go and what they’re doing with flags taller than them? Well to answer your questions they are none other than your G.C. Guard team!

Photo by: ???
Photo by: Katie Wallace

Members of a guard team interpret musical pieces through dance, flags, and rifles as performance art. Guard teams require athleticism, technique, creativity, and most important dedication. Both teams practice up to 10 hours a week. Color and winter guard aren’t only a form of entertainment but expression as well.

Color guards perform outdoors and are part of marching bands. Throughout the fall semester the Greenville College Panther Corps, GCPC, Marching Band, and Color Guard perform during the home football games halftime, All College Hike, Panther 5k, and the Homecoming Parade. Sophomore Caitlin Alverson, a GCPC Marching Band and Pep Band trumpet player, states, “The Color Guard adds visuals to the marching band, most people like something to look at when they’re listening to music and the color guard helps bring the show to life. The winter guard showed how their routines brought different music to life at the previous boys’ and girls’ basketball games and I think they did amazing!”

Photo by: Darrin Stewart
Photo by: Darrin Stewart

Winter guards perform solely indoors and require the use of recorded songs. The G.C. Winter Guard performs during the halftime of women’s and men’s basketball games. Winter Guard focuses their shows on lyrical interpretation which leads to more theatrical shows. This year, the team spent over 40 hours choreographing, teaching, and learning two routines – Black Balloon by Goo Goo Dolls and Young and Beautiful by Lana del Rey. Greenville College offers both of these guard opportunities for next year.

Guard Captain Stephanie Rodriguez expressed, “I’ve been in color guard for 3 years and I can honestly say that it changed my life. I’ve been able to express myself in a more artistic way. I love being able to bring new ideas into both guard teams. It’s not only about spinning and tossing a flag but about expressing ourselves through musical pieces. The make-up, hairdos, and costumes we used were carefully considered as were the silks on the flag poles. I love both color and winter guard and I can’t wait to see what next year brings.”


Photo by: Katie Wallace
Photo by: Katie Wallace


Color Guard has been offered for 3 years and winter guard just finished its first year at Greenville College. Currently the program is still building and members of both teams are excited to grow and learn more. There are many benefits to joining band programs at G.C. especially for guard members. By enrolling in marching band in the fall, or pep band in the spring, you earn credit and get a scholarship. Color Guard members have the opportunity to move in a week earlier on campus for band camp. GCPC is a tight-knit community and Color Guard is always included as part of the family. Even if making close friends was not the main goal for joining one of these programs, it undoubtedly will happen.

Freshman Taylor Unger, flute player for GCPC and Pep Band, stated, “I may be biased but, guard puts on some of the best performances I’ve ever seen. Guard stays on time with each other and brings substances to halftime shows. There’s no way guard could perform like that and not practice several hours a week. They should keep doing what they’re doing because it’s working.”

Even though the season for both guards has just come to an end, guard members are meeting throughout this semester to improve and come up with ways to make performances spectacular next semester. There will be auditions in March for all those interested in participating in either of these activities. Until then, look forward to next season and please come to the games to support them!


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