Factory Theatre’s “Life With Frank” – Episode 1

“The Anniversary” – Written by Jes Adam.

Frank Jones is an everyday man who works inspecting the thumbs of gloves for a model glove factory. Today is the day Frank and his wife Marion are having a big party. It may seem like just a party to Frank, but it’s actually Marion and Frank’s 20th anniversary, and Frank forgot! Will Frank find a way to redeem himself? Will he ever get to read the newspaper? Find out in the first episode of this podcast titled “Life With Frank”. Originally broadcasted on WGRN. Check out the Factory Theatre and The Factory Theatre Hour on facebook.

Featuring the voices of: Chris Borwick, Maci Sepp, Katie Trapp, Jack Dawdy, Jes Adam, Joel Burroughs, Quinton Hughes, and LaRyssa Harrington



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