Shattered Screens

Written by Sarah Stone

Media by Emily Martiens

Photo by Emily Martiens
Photo by Emily Martiens

Everyone knows the feeling when your phone slips from your hand and it hits the ground face down. Everything kind of goes into slow motion, you slowly walk to the place where your phone lays on the ground and turn it over, praying that the ridiculously expensive and fragile screen didn’t crack into a million little shards. Another great time that phones break is when you politely ask your friend to pass you your phone and they pick it up and throw it to you. In that moment, all of your athletic ability goes away as you see your phone flying through the air towards you, and you know, there’s no catching it, and it falls face down on the ground. How about when you’re angry at your phone because the internet is just being ridiculous so in a moment of rash thinking you throw your phone a little too hard and just stare at it while it lies on the ground? The list for stupid reasons that your phone could possibly shatter can go on and on, and most of the time it does shatter, because, why wouldn’t it? But luckily for you, there are places right here, on Greenville campus, that you can go to get your sad, shattered little phone fixed.

The place that will come to your phone’s rescue is the IT building. Those people can really work some magic. Not only can they help you out with technical difficulties, they can also fix broken parts of the outside of your phone. Brendan McDonnell, a junior on campus, can also help you out if your phone is broken. You could always go to your phone store and see if they can help you out in any way as well. If none of these options work, it’s time to break out the old back up flip phone my friends.


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