The Perks of Being a Misunderstood Control Freak

Photo edited by Jack Wang

Written by Maci Sepp. Media by Jack Wang.[divide]

I depend on my doctor for a lot of things.  I go to her for checkups and call her for prescriptions, but I have never gotten her to diagnose or treat this little problem I like to call my inner control freak.  One pen facing the wrong direction or two mismatched socks will drive me absolutely nuts.  If you can relate with me at all, you know how painstakingly difficult it is to cope with the innumerable symptoms of being a control freak.  And it looks like the cure isn’t coming anytime soon.  There are only so many ways a person can try to remain sane.  However, I have compiled a few comforting tips that always help me stay afloat even in times of complete and utter chaos (or lack thereof).  It’s by no means fool proof, but if you struggle with the same compulsive habits that I do, it may put your mind at ease as you go through your color-coordinated, alphabetical-ordered life.


Organization is NOT a bad thing.

If you’re anything like me, you probably resemble that of someone juggling seven lit torches while walking a tightrope and eating a burrito.  No one knows how you do it, but somehow you make it work.  And it is fantastic.  Bravo to you!  Of course, in order to accomplish this, you probably have to stick to a tight schedule and maintain good organization.  So obviously you’re organized!  So what?  You should never feel ashamed of having a sorted pencil drawer or getting a month ahead on assignments.  One day, people will be lined up outside your door asking for your expertise.


Embrace your quirkiness.

Okay, so I admit:  being a control freak is not a disease, but it’s definitely worth some attention!  It’s a chronic issue and at times, it can even be contagious. But the thing is, it’s not an issue either.  In many ways, it’s a gift.  Another name for control freak is perfectionist, which I find carries less of a burden and sounds more like a goal.  Your friends may think you’re a little weird, but that’s completely fine!  A little dose of quirky never hurt anyone.

You’re ahead of the curve.

My attempt at obtaining perfection is not an easy way of life.  If anything, though, it’s taught me to be independent and trust in my own abilities.  Being able to scrutinize details and resolve problems efficiently is a huge part of becoming a real adult.  Maturity and the ability to handle the tough stuff should make you feel proud and empowered.

It’s okay to have a life, too.

Since you’re so great at planning, you’d think you would have more time for people.  Wrong!  I’m not saying you don’t have friends, but sometimes, it can be all too tempting to wash that dirty dish on your nightstand before heading out for a night of fun.  Truth is, sometimes we get way too focused on what needs to be accomplished or improved and we forget about our human needs.  So relax!  You don’t need to be rearranging a closet. Instead, go be social and enjoy the presence of others.  Your friends are allowed to be a priority, too.


Sometimes you just have to let go.

I find this to be the most challenging to follow.  How can I possibly give up the control over the life that I’ve worked so hard to perfect?  Often times, I hate not knowing what comes next.  I become anxious and paranoid, wondering if there’s anything I can do prevent hitting a wall.  But sometimes, we just have to let God take the reigns and lead us to new, unfamiliar paths.  It’s crazy to think that He’s got our backs even when we don’t believe He does.  As awkward and unconventional control freaks, I believe it should be our mission to have a constant and unwavering faith in God and let him have the control.  To me, there’s nothing freaky about that.


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