Calling All Students! Paid Submissions!

Written by Rachel Heston-Davis. Media by Kelsey Neier.[divide]

For a limited time, the Papyrus offers freelance writers a chance to be paid for their work.

Over the next four school weeks—from Monday, March 30 to Friday, April 24—the Papyrus will pay $20 per article for well-written submissions of 500-700 words from any GC student. Use the “Submit An Article” tab at the top of the Papyrus home page to send submissions to the editors for consideration.

Papyrus Submit An Article

Student writers are encouraged to browse the Papyrus site and get a feel for what we publish. Become familiar with our style and tone, and make sure any article submitted fits one of our seven sections: Campus News, Entertainment, Features, Opinion, Doctrine & Discipline, Sport, or World News. The Papyrus can’t guarantee publication and payment for every single submission, so choose a topic that will snag the attention of our editors. Brush up your grammar. Ruthlessly hunt down typos!

If the editors choose your story to publish, you’ll be contacted by e-mail. Payment is authorized once the story appears on our site, and all checks will come through campus mail. Limit one paid article per student per week (however, you’re free to submit as many as you want for consideration).


The Papyrus staff can’t wait to see your work! If you have questions, contact the Co-Editors-In-Chief, Lexi Baysinger and Kaylee Summers, or adviser Rachel Heston-Davis.


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