Easter Crafts

Easter Crafts.

Written by Erin Lawinger. Media by Emily Martiens. [divide]


Spring has sprung which means Easter is on its way with a variety of crafts to create a grand entrance. With a mess of materials and plenty of pastels, here are some Easter crafts to brighten up this triumphant celebration of the Lord’s resurrection.



Dying Easter Eggs: This is an Easter tradition for many families that is not only easy, but fun for everyone to enjoy. Just fill some mugs with hot water, let the dye tablets dissolve, and color the egg. Be as creative as possible. Make an egg half yellow and half blue, so it looks like a minion. All that’s left to do is draw an eye on the yellow half. There are tons of possibilities for this craft.






Potato Egg Stamps: This is another Easter craft that has been around for some time. Find a potato, cut it in half, carve a design on the inside, paint in the pattern, and stamp away. It is super easy and is a perfect way to add a splash of color to any canvas. Yellow, blue, and pink paint work wonderfully for this craft.


Stained Glass Crosses: This creative craft sheds some light onto the true reason for this holiday. The materials needed include: a sheet of wax paper, pieces of coloredtissue paper, white glue, popsicle stick, craft knife, and scissors. First, spread the glue onto half the wax paper using the popsicle stick. Next, place the pieces of tissue paper until the glue is covered. Spread the glue onto the other side of the wax paper and fold on top of the tissues, and make sure to smooth out the paper and let it dry. After this, cut out some crosses from a colored sheet of paper using the craft knife. Glue around the perimeter, and place it onto the wax paper. Once it has dried, cut out the crosses and tape them to a well-lit window!




Paint Chip Easter Garland: This simple Easter craft adds a line of color within any home. First, find a collection of paint chips. A spectrum of pastels usually works best. Cut the paint chips into an egg shape, hole punch the top, and weave a line of string through each one untill the garland is the proper length. Hang it up in any desired location and enjoy!



Peeps Houses by Yesterfood 2


Peep Houses: This last craft is not only easy but edible. Easter is the holiday when Peeps are popping up, and many of them need a home. The ingredients for this tasty project consists of Peeps, graham crackers, frosting (one that is thick and firm. e.g. buttercream frosting), and Easter décor. First, take three whole graham crackers and break them in half. Use the frosting to “glue” the walls and floor together, and set aside. Then glue the two halves of the roof together and set aside. Once the walls and roof have dried separately, glue the roof onto the walls. Next, decorate the inside with the Easter décor, such as grass or candy eggs, and place the Peep inside it’s newly furnished home. Display it on the market for a couple of days or sell it to your stomach!


Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. This year, have some fun with a mess of materials to decorate the day with some creative Eater crafts.




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