GC Football Hires Tebow As Coach

Taken from sports-kings.com/

Written by Jonathan Barker. Media by Wes O’Dell.


After an unsuccessful workout for the Philadelphia Eagles, former NFL Quarterback and Florida star Tim Tebow has agreed on terms to coach football at Greenville College.


When asked why he chose Greenville College, he responded: “Not many people know this but coming out of high school I almost committed to Greenville College instead of Florida. The campus is beautiful and full of great people. I can’t wait to build relationships with the players and entire Greenville College community.”

Taken from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_Tebow
Taken from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_Tebow


One of the conditions under Tebow’s coaching contract was the renaming of Joy Hall to Tebow Hall. Tebow explained: “I want to start a legacy here at GC. You can call the name change ridiculous as you want, but I want every student to remember why I chose to coach here. My decision was based on the community.”

This isn’t the only change that Tebow plans to make. When it comes to his coaching strategy he continued: “In my career, I’ve made some amazing comebacks. Football greatness is measured in 4th quarter play. I want every game to be a 4th quarter comeback. If that means allowing the opposing team to gain control then so be it.” Tebow will also demand that every player wear his famous “John 3:16” eye paint.

Taken from Patheos.com
Taken from Patheos.com


[clear]When asked about his future at GC, he shared his aspirations for becoming the President of the college. “Ivan Filby is doing a fantastic job but just like Peyton Manning, he will have to retire some day. All I can do is hope to continue his legacy.” Tebow also shared plans of opening a bowling alley in Greenville with the name “Te-bowl.”


Happy April Fool’s Day!



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