NBA Playoff Predictions

Written by Jonathan Barker. Media by Ryan Dunn


The NBA has had a great regular season, leaving several talented teams empty in their playoff runs. I’m still not over the fact that Oklahoma City Thunder missed the playoffs after playing in the Finals only two years ago.

Image from Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry
Image from
Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry

Former coach Scott Brooks is now out of a job but the Thunder’s future is still bright. Surely last year’s MVP Kevin Durant will eventually win a championship. But will it be with the Thunder?  Regardless, let’s get into some relevant teams who are still in the competition!

In my opinion, The Golden State Warriors have the best shot of taking home a championship. Led by rookie coach Steve Kerr and point guard MVP-favorite Stephen Curry, Golden State finished with the best record in the NBA and has only lost two home games all season. Wow. Stephen Curry has gone far too long without getting the respect he deserves. This season, he broke his own NBA record for the most 3-Pointers in a single season. Not only is Curry a phenomenal athlete but also a devoted Christian who gives thanks for his abilities. I truly hope to see him and his team succeed.

On the other side of the country, The Eastern Conference is packed with talented teams with the Atlanta Hawks ranked at #1. As I previously had written, Atlanta poses great threat to any competitor. Their great sense of teamwork and unselfish play will help them finish games.

Image from Cleveland Cavs' LeBron James
Image from
Cleveland Cavs’ LeBron James

Then of course there ‘s LeBron James and his hometown Cleveland Cavs. LeBron has been in every NBA Final game since 2011. He has as good a chance as anybody. I think that Cleveland is the only team that has a chance of taking down Atlanta as far as the East goes. However, their luck took a turn for the worse when Power Forward Kevin Love injured his shoulder. History shows that one player cannot win everything by themselves. Will LeBron’s teammates make his return home worth it?

The #3 Clippers versus the #6 Spurs was an exciting matchup to watch. The winner may also have a fair chance of bringing home a trophy.

After sweeping the Toronto Raptors, the Washington Wizards proved they should not be overlooked. Former

Image from Washington Wizards' John Wall
Image from Washington Wizards’ John Wall

first overall pick John Wall seems to be getting better every game. Alongside Paul Pierce and Bradley Beal, the Wizards should not be taken lightly.

In conclusion, no team should be counted out when it comes to the NBA Playoffs. To quote a famous saying, “it ain’t over ‘til it’s over.” Right now, we are watching several future hall of fame players in their prime so let’s all just sit back and watch history be made. Who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments! See the full standings here.



  1. Let’s go Brooklyn. It don’t matter the seed. It’s who come the play and wants it more. And right now Brooklyn came to play. Atl you have to work for this one. This is going to be the upset of the playoffs. Brooklyn over Atlanta!!!


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