Overcoming Senior Stress

Graphic: Kelsey Neier

Written by Amanda Hermes. Media by Kelsey Neier.


Overcoming senior stress… is it even possible? As the end of the year draws near at GC, our final projects and tests become ever more imminent, as well as senioritis. It can feel like the world is ending as we sit at our desk at 3am drinking our fifth cup of coffee in efforts to stay awake. So what can we do to help manage the stress that comes from last minute projects and tests? After four years of college, I have learned a few tricks.

The easiest, and probably most effective way, is not to procrastinate. I know most of you are already probably sick of hearing this, but it makes life much easier. It is much less stressful when you only have one paper to write for tomorrow rather than three. You also have more time to fix any errors and avoid any technical difficulties, such as the school printers not working or the school wifi being down.


This kind of ties in with the first one, but keeping an eye on your syllabus so you know when everything is due will help minimize your stress. Having random assignments you knew nothing about being due in three hours can really ruin your day. You can either hang it up somewhere in your room where you will always see it, or you can enter it all into a personal planner or calendar app on your phone.

Take intentional breaks. At this point you’re probably like, “breaks, I can’t afford to take breaks. I don’t have time for them.” I have said this time and again, but I have learned that if I take a short 15 minute break after a couple hours of homework I am able to relax and then I am better focused when I return to my work. The more I focus the better I do on that assignment.

Don’t forget to eat. I have known too many people who will get into their homework and before they know it, it has been five hours. They realize that they haven’t eaten, but they don’t think they have time. It is important to eat for the simple fact that your body is going to tire faster if you are not giving it the nutrients that it needs.

Eating Amanda
Source: Kelsey Neier

Most importantly, sleep. Whether it is a a string of 20 minute power naps throughout the day or four hours at night. Make sure that your body gets some rest so that you are able to focus on those assignments that you still have to finish.

Sleeping Amanda
Source: Kelsey Neier

With these five easy steps, I have managed to keep that senior stress at a minimum. There is no way to completely avoid it, but at least you will be better prepared for it when it comes.


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