Spring Common Day of Learning Topics

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Written by Katie Schmierbach. Media by Steven Potter.[divide]

At the beginning of each semester at Greenville College, anxious seniors and juniors enroll in COR 401, Capstone Seminar: Advanced Integrative Studies. In this course they must form groups of 5 to 7 students. These groups must reflect a variety of majors while working together to present their project. They must work together in order to create a topic that directly pertains to the year’s theme. This year’s task is Peace and Reconciliation and each group must: “identify a real problem within the assigned issue, engage in the project thoughtfully across the disciplines represented in the group, do something about the issue, share their project through a Common Day of Learning presentation, and do no harm.”

Photo from: http://tinyurl.com/plrv3q9
Photo from: http://tinyurl.com/plrv3q9

In preparation for Common Day of Learning on May 7th, this week COR 401 groups participated in pitch presentations. Students were assigned to give an overview of their group while being reviewed by mentors and two other COR401 groups. After their five-minute pitch, there was a five-minute period for questions. This gave the students a feel for how CDL will go and allowed each group to improve their presentations. Usually other faculty and students will not learn about the topic or groups until the Common Day of Learning, but the Papyrus would like to inform the public about the theme, some groups, and overall topics of the class.

In “Hegemonic Masculinity,” seniors were asked to deliver a task in which their academic careers form in a solitary unit.  Thus, involving conflicts and dialogue in concerns of “people groups” and “gender issues”. The team has taken it upon themselves to perform such duty by evaluating a conditioned theory of social constructs, “Hegemonic Masculinity.” Group member Jordan York stated, “COR 401 has allowed us to piece together the multiple understandings we’ve acquired over our academic careers and apply them to controversial issues occurring every day. In goal, to take action and make a difference with our own sense of individualism and perspectives.”

“The Brownstown Project” is determined to help cultivated a positive after-school environment for the youth of Brownstown, Illinois. This COR group is focused on gaining volunteers for their existing program. These members will able to help contribute to the culture and the community of the program.

Photo from: http://tinyurl.com/nrazkhr
Photo from: http://tinyurl.com/nrazkhr

Trade Off” is the title of a documentary discussing the topic of ethical consumerism by exploring fair trade, free trade and direct trade. Living in a consumeristic society, we often forget that our purchases affect others. Team member Keli Totton said, “As Christians, this is an issue. If we truly believe that we need to love our neighbors as ourselves and believe that each human, each child of God, deserves just treatment, we need to make sure that every aspect of our lives, including our purchases, are reflecting that conviction.”

A COR401 group is addressing the LGBTQ community of Greenville College. They believe that those community members are excluded from the wider Greenville College community, in which group member Elise Cranston states that it, “results in feelings of isolation and shame.” In order to reduce these feelings of embarrassment, they hope to create a more positive view of the LGBTQ community by creating safe spaces on campus and allowing more readily available resources on campus.

“Companioning the Disregarded” reflects on Scripture that Christ requests we view the disregarded individuals in our community as our neighbors. The group is creating a club to partner with an already formed organization at St. Paul’s Free Methodist Church. This will enable Greenville College students to work with and companion the elderly, as well as those with disabilities or mental illnesses. Member Emily Foster claimed, “Through researching the topic of companionship, the group has learned to love people as Christ has called us to do in the parable of the Good Samaritan.”

Photo from: http://tinyurl.com/obxs7y7
Photo from: http://tinyurl.com/obxs7y7

“Firefighters, Do You Respect Them?” asks the question of how relations between Greenville College and local First Responders can be conducted. The group emphasizes the need for firefighters, especially at Greenville College. Although these members are not paid, the group would like to show their appreciation for firefighters. They held a Trivia Night fundraiser event in which all proceeds will go to Greenville’s Fire Department and will continue to talk to the volunteers in order to ease any friction between GC and the First Responders.

Don’t use May 7th as an excuse to sleep in! Please come out and support those juniors and seniors that have worked so hard on their projects all semester. Stay tuned to the Papyrus for more information on the other COR401 presentations this semester.


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