Spring Fashion

Written by Erin Lawinger. Media by Kelsey Neier.


Spring has sprung  and with it comes new style. This season is blooming with fashion trends, and some students have picked up on them. Here are a few outfits that have screamed spring around campus.


Maci Sepp


This outfit is light and bright. It has the perfect pastel combination of pink and turquoise which are brought out by the white jeans. The turquoise sheer shirt gives this outfit a flowing look and the pink necklace makes a statement. The sandals and sunglasses finish this spring style with a forecast of sun.

Cheyenne Klein


This attire is for spring days that haven’t quite reached a warm enough temperature but call for a touch of the season’s style. This dress encompasses the colors of spring in a floral design. It brings a pop of color with yellow, blue, and pink that makes it stand out. It is paired with leggings and combat boots which are perfect for transitional weather.


Tyler Kohrs


This outfit is a spring classic with cargo shorts, a plaid shirt, and hush puppies. The plaid shirt has a timeless combination of the colors red, white, and blue which pairs well with khaki cargo shorts. The hush puppies are an old trend that are making their way back into new fashion. The brown ankle hush puppies make this outfit fit with new uprising trends.


Amanda Hermes


Skinny jeans, a white peasant top, and peach scarf is a cute, casual spring combination. Peach is the perfect pastel to brighten up any outfit, and pairing it against the white top makes the color pop. The colors keep a person cool as the sun beats down, and the material is light enough to feel the soft spring breezes.


Thomas Hajny


This outfit is for the cool transitional days of spring. The dark olive green shirt is nice for outdoor affairs. It is a collared button down, which is a timeless style that dresses up any clothing ensemble.


Autumn Hartman


This attire strips away the sleeves of winter and welcomes the cool breezes of spring. A loose grey tee, black zipper vest, and a long multi-colored necklace is a cute combination for the upcoming spring weather.


These are just a few of the fashions appearing around campus. With the weather warming up and the April showers falling, there will be more spring fashion blooming. Keep an eye out for new upcoming trends as this season begins to blossom.





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