Why Being a Woman is Glorious

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Written by Maci Sepp. Media by Jack Dawdy.


image from timeopinions.files.wordpress.com
image from timeopinions.files.wordpress.com

In this nation, we pride ourselves in our equality. Yet there still seems to be a perpetual arms race between the sexes. But from what I can tell, women are in the lead. If you’re a guy, you can probably stop reading now because this one’s for the ladies out there. Unless, of course, you’re trying to come up with ways to catch up with our speed and pure awesomeness. Face it; we’ve got Mary Magdalene, Mother Teresa, and Oprah Winfrey. But in all seriousness, women possess a number of qualities that go overlooked every day. Here are a few I find most worth celebrating:



Accessorize. Glamorize. Revitalize.


image from girlfriendzmag.com
image from girlfriendzmag.com

We’ve got to admit: spinning around in a flowing dress, twisting our hair in fancy up-do’s, and flaunting our bold jewelry can make for the most fun and wonderful experience exclusive to women. Sure, men can throw on a funky tie or add a unique set of cufflinks, but the extent of their beauty regimen usually ends there. While the process of turning ourselves into princesses may be a slow and painful process, in the end we are proud of the finished product. Coating our lips in outrageous colors and mixing textures are all a part of what makes women so special. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel beautiful and gaining a bit of an ego boost because of it. As women, we are free to appreciate what we have and use our appearances as a way to express ourselves. Confidence is not something women should feel the need to reject; rather it is a word we should embrace and associate with being a woman.


Friendship is the key to happiness.


While men may enjoy their bro-time and being cooped up in the man cave, women LOVE being together. We don’t need to be surrounded by a millions girlfriends who tell us we look pretty, but we do need at least one gal we can trust to have our backs. It doesn’t matter whether it’s spending an afternoon window shopping or going out to lunch to catch up; we don’t like to be alone for too long, so why not enjoy our time with the women who know us inside and out? We thrive off one another and grow stronger when we have other women to rely on.


We have big hearts.


image from: ainriz14.files.wordpress.com
image from: ainriz14.files.wordpress.com

Nearly all women seem to share a similar sensitivity to the world around us. It’s almost like a sixth sense. From my own experiences and observations, we women are not afraid to show compassion and express our emotions to those we love and cherish. Being sensitive is more than just crying at the sappy parts of movies and wanting to talk for hours about our new job. Our feelings are something we take very seriously, especially when it comes to others. We like to verbalize our thoughts and think through our decisions with people we trust. Letting others in and trusting others with our emotions is a huge step and should not be taken lightly. We want to share our thoughts and feelings with others while letting them know we would show the same loyalty.


I truly love being a woman, and I hope that every woman realizes the innumerable attributes and strengths she has to offer. We have each been blessed with so much grace and potential that cannot be compared to men or even each other. So take what you have and fly with it. The only thing you can do is soar.


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