A Couple of Cat Tails

Written by Erin Lawinger. Media by Emily Martiens.


Greenville College is not only the home of the panthers but also of slightly more approachable cats. These lovable felines are the school’s second mascot, the campus cats.

They hide in the alleys, hop from house to house around the neighborhood, and meander through campus. Through their aimless wandering, these campus cats have not only found a second home on the college’s grounds but also in the hearts of students.


dylan &  cat
Dylan Antila & Campus Cat

Two Cat Tails

Two Greenville College students, Claire Sattler and Dylan Antila share their campus cat encounters and the place these furry friends have in their school experience. Their first experience with the campus cats took place as they walked near the alley behind Joe’s Pizza and came across a kitten. As they neared the edge of the alley, in a nook, they found three more. They cuddled and played with them and eventually brought back Maci Sepp, one of their friends, to love on them a little bit more. They assume the cats were taken to an animal shelter since they haven’t seen them since.

During another walk, Claire and Dylan were within the neighborhoods and encountered a small orange cat. It ran up to them and actually followed them all the way back to campus. After showing the cat to friends, they eventually brought it back to where they found it. When they tried to walk away, the orange feline trailed behind them just as the first time. When they reached campus a second time, they handed the cat off to some others. Claire states, “There haven’t been many around this year, but it’s when you take walks slightly outside of campus you find the ‘campus cats.’”


Graphic by Emily Martiens




Though the campus cats were missing most of the winter, the warm weather has spurred their reappearance. Throughout the years, these little furry friends have nuzzled their way into the Greenville College community. They may seem small, but the paw prints they leave behind are seldom forgotten.


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