Best Hasbro Games as a Child

Written by Leigh Buchholz.  Media by Emily Martiens.

There are some classic board games that all of us should have played as kids.

Photo by Emily Martiens

Chutes and Ladders

Everyone hated landing on the chutes, especially if your opponents kept landing on ladders…


Definitely one of the best board games I played as a child. The names of the characters and places made me laugh and made me hungry.

Photo by Emily Martiens



One of the best mystery games. Who killed who in which room? With WHAT?


Buzz! When the object of the game is to have steady hands and be able to grab things out of the human body, you better hope your hands aren’t shaky.

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With all the times you say sorry during this game, it does not help the fact that your friends hate you for winning.

Scrabble Junior

When regular Scrabble is too complex and you are still trying to learn how to spell, Scrabble Junior is the game for you.

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Monopoly Junior

You don’t have to have your parents help you with Monopoly Junior. Well, maybe you do, but it’s not as complicated as it would be if you were playing regular Monopoly.


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