Covenants and Fellowship

Written by Whitney Vitt. Media by Stephanie Rodriguez. [divide]

Every year at Greenville College, groups of students join together to create a covenant which is a written agreement between two or more people. These commitments are used to enter the housing process and are usually made to help serve others and the community. Last year in April, students gathered together for meetings to discuss the housing lottery, which is the process on campus where students reserve a room for the next academic year. There are quite a few ways a student can decide where they would like to live – covenants are among their decisions. Covenants start at the intermediate level and go up to upper division housing. This 2015-2016 academic year, Greenville College is lucky enough to have six covenants across campus.


Mannoia [Women]: Friends for Freedom

After partnering with the Set Free Movement, Friends for Freedom takes a stand on campus helping with the events the organization puts on throughout the school year. Coley Baker, covenant leader, says, “We plan to use this opportunity to help spread awareness, make connections with others involved, and share Christ with the women in the program.” This year the group has already met with leaders in the movement and has volunteered at a booth put on by Set Free during the Bicentennial celebration.




Mannoia [Men]: Gideon’s Army

Gideon’s Army developed their idea from a previous group on campus known as Synergy, which was a group for young men that meet once a week to grow together as men of God – the group no longer exists on campus due to the sponsor leaving. Member Cory Snyder stated, “The main goal for the covenant is to come together as a diverse pod, which has involvement in numerous campus activities, to find ways to implement what we learn from the bible studies, our mentors, and time together.” The members plan to start another group like this on campus so young men will have something to plug into.


Mannoia [Men]: The Journeyman

This covenant was designed to focus on growing individually as men of God. Growing as men of God can be challenging, but this group also plans to grow together through various activities. Member Drew Miller pointed out they would like to essentially have outdoor fellowship. The covenant members have not done anything yet due to the weather and schedule conflicts.


Blankenship Apartments [Women]: Deloy and the 6 Geeks

Under the advisory of Professor Deloy Cole, this covenant is going to be volunteering at four different non-profit organizations, NPOs, throughout the semester; Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, The Simple Room and Bond County Foster Hope. They will be volunteering by offering digital media services to each NPO. Covenant leader Morgan Johnson stated, “We chose this because most of us are Digital Media majors and want to use our skills to help out with the community.”


Blankenship Apartments [Men]: Breaking Bread

This group of students have dinner and bible study every week. Dinner is hand-made by one of the members and there is a bible study to follow, led by another member. The leader of bible study for the week bakes bread from scratch and serves communion to the group before they begin. Member, Alex Staton affirms, “Our goal is to build a community while breaking down barriers to be vulnerable with each other.” This covenant has had dinner and bible study every week since the start of school.

Covenants not only help students’ development while challenging them throughout the semester, but also aid the college and community. These commitments are designed to be an agreement for the school year, but what would it look like if every student continued their covenant after the academic year ended?


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