Dubsmash Charity War

Written by Rebecca Oldham. Media by Bekah Dothager



We’ve all witnessed our fair share of Dubsmash videos and some of you may or may not have been involved in the creation of a few videos yourself! But one thing is for sure: No one does Dubsmashing like Marvel.

Two shows have taken it upon themselves to entertain us with the Dubsmash wars. Marvel’s Agents of Shield and Agent Carter have been going at it for a few months now, trying to prove which cast is the best Dubsmasher.

The two casts started the war back in the summer, during Comic Con. After their first round of videos, fans ran to their Instagram pages to watch and like the videos to support their favorite show. After this, it turned into a race to see which cast could create the best video and “win” for their team. Both casts ended the last round with a bang.

Agents of Shield was the first to post their video, with the whole cast Dubsmashing to “We Are the Champions” by Queen, and eventually showing Agent Coulson’s Clark Greg dressed up in Agent Carter’s costume.

Agent Carter fired back when the cast brought in actor Chris Evans, dressed as his character Captain America, Dubsmashing to a different Queen classic:  “Another One Bites the Dust”. His addition to their video made it very difficult to decide who the actual winner was. So, they made a plan. Since it was such a popular contest, they decided to have an official Dubsmash War.

This time the war will be a bit more organized and will include fundraising for two very important charities. Agent Carter will represent the “Stomp Out Bullying Foundation” and Agents of Shield will represent “St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital”. In a video posted at the end of August, they announced the war would begin on Sept. 2. They made a website where fans could vote, this time trading “likes” for donations to the charities chosen. There will be three rounds and the winner will be the team with the most donations. The team that loses must donate 2,000 dollars to the opposite team’s foundation and star in a Dubsmash choreographed and dressed by the winning team. The fan who has donated the most money will win a trip to Hollywood with several exciting adventures awaiting them. For more information, check out the website and announcement video. Don’t be afraid to donate to the two great causes!

Recently, the two teams kicked off the first round. Agent Carter’s team went first, dressed up and lip singing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” Then shortly after, Agents of Shield kicked it off again dressed up, swinging around on wrecking balls, and lip singing to Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball.” Both videos can be found on their website and voting is open until the start of the next round. Entertainment Weekly’s Danielle Zhu stated in her article about the first round, “In the days following the release, Team Carter took the lead with just over $8,000 as of this writing but S.H.I.E.L.D. fans weren’t far behind, donating more than $7,000 even before their faves could respond.” Since the posting of this article, Agents of Shield have been in the lead with over twenty-one thousand dollars, while Agent Carter follows with a little over fourteen thousand dollars. Agent Carter and The Agents of Shield have both done a great job entertaining us on and off the screen, and now they are doing a wonderful thing while allowing us to enjoy their amazing talents of Dubsmashing. Since we are only in round one, be sure to check out the next two rounds coming soon, and be sure to donate to the best videos for a good cause.


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