Mosaic’s Grill & Chill a Complete Success

Written by Whitney Vitt. Media by Aaron Phillips[divide]


Media via: GCSA Facebook page
Graphic by: GCSA Facebook page

Mosaic is a Greenville College student-led club that believes in “celebrating the diversity of our college community and surrounding communities through music, awareness, campaigns, conversations and small forums.” The group hosted its 3rd annual Grill & Chill Friday, September 11, when over 200 students joined Mosaic for food and entertainment in the Rec Center.
Vice President and senior Paris Grimmett told the Papyrus staff that the purpose of the event was to unite people with some common interests like free food and music. Mosaic advertised the Grill & Chill through word of mouth, chapel announcements, and by partnering with the Greenville College Student Association, GCSA.

Media via: Mosiac Facebook page
Image by: Mosiac Facebook page

Originally the Grill & Chill was planned to take place at Patriot’s Park, however, due to weather the event was relocated to the Rec Center. Music began playing at 5 p.m., drawing attention and curiosity from the GC community nearby. Mosaic warmly welcomed people in – making it a friendly and lively atmosphere. A variety of songs played through the entire event; Watch Me by Silento, Cupid Shuffle by Cupid, and Fight Song by Rachel Platten among other old and new songs.

Many students and faculty members began to get in line for the food at 5:30 p.m. Mosaic served different types of food like macaroni and cheese, beans, queso and chips, chicken wings, hotdogs, burgers, and brownies. Although the line was long, the Mosaic members worked fast and the wait proposed plenty of time for people to interact with new people. Junior Roman Butler claimed, “I always enjoy eating a good meal with people who just want to come together and build community!” The top food choice of the night was queso and chips followed by the chicken wings and macaroni and cheese.

The Simple Room youth also joined Mosaic in celebrating the 3rd annual Chill & Grill. Around 6:30 p.m. Dr. Idler and some students performed a science experiment – making ice cream with liquid nitrogen.The kids

Media via: Mosiac Facebook Page

hovered around the table wanting to see what was going on. While the ice cream was being made, many students were busy playing basketball and other games on the opposite side of the Rec Center.
By 7:30 p.m. the event started to settle down and the clean-up process began for the Mosaic members. Member Samantha Lewis, junior, exclaimed, “I enjoyed working the Grill and Chill. Seeing how excited the kids would get about the desserts was the best. I think Mosaic is great and hopefully we can grow over the year. People should join this great organization that’s trying to diversify the campus.”
Many students enjoyed the event thoroughly. Freshman Jantzen Mitchell exclaimed, “The Grill and Chill was really cool. I liked seeing all the little kids running around and the Mosaic people interact with them.Oh and the food was really good too.” While Cory Snyder, junior, stated “The Grill and Chill was a great time! I got to eat, talk, and hang out with various groups of people I don’t normally get to. I felt that the event encapsulated the community GC is trying to build!”

The Grill & Chill was a success for the Mosaic team and they hope many students join the club for future events.