Weird Sports: Chessboxing

Written and Media by Austin Brinkman[divide]

How weird is too weird and how unusual is too unusual? These are the questions that arise when considering the new sport of chessboxing. Over in Germany and France chessboxing is starting to gain more attention and popularity. This sport was inspired by a comic book of two competitors going face to face in matches of both boxing and playing chess. It is eleven alternating rounds of playing chess for six rounds and five rounds of boxing.

Chessboxing begins with a game of chess for four minutes, which is played in the middle of the boxing ring. After each round of playing chess it switches to a two minute boxing match when the bell rings. Participants can win by checkmate, knocking out the other opponent in the boxing round, referee’s decision, or if the other opponent exceeds the total of twelve minutes of an entire match on the chessboard.

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This sport is so interesting to watch that it has been known to draw in crowds of over a hundred people. This weird sport has a way of pulling in crowds because it is so new to our culture. It is nearly unheard of to be playing chess one round then go straight into a boxing match then to go back to playing the chess. It is interesting to learn how both competitors know how to comprehend chess and boxing. This is not just for chess players or boxers but also for anyone. That is, anyone who dares to try to box but also manage to execute a smart strategy in chess. Sounds like a headache!

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Some French and Germany chessboxers want to spread chessboxing in the United States, in places such as New York, L.A., and Boston. The question comes down to, are people crazy enough to come try to play this new sport of chessboxing? If they are, then they can go check out how to play and watch the masters of this sport fight.

Overall, I think that this sounds like a crazy idea! That’s not to say I wouldn’t ever try it out but I would probably invest in some headgear and Ibuprofen before signing up. How about you? Would you try this sport that tests your combination of mind and body?   


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