Graduate Assistants at GC

Written by Whitney Vitt. Media by Stephanie Rodriguez. [divide]

A Graduate Assistant, otherwise known as a GA, is an individual who serves as a support role at a college or university, generally completing post-graduate education at the same time. Greenville College is lucky enough to have assistants for different branches of work such as the business, music, and sports departments. GAs divide their time to help improve Greenville College and the students in many different ways.


Alexa Campbell – Briner School of Business

Alexa Campbell is a GA for the Briner School of Business at Greenville College. She splits her time between recruiting and assisting the Dean of the Briner School of Business, along with assisting the rest of her department. Campbell spends a lot of her time trying to figure out how to best reach undergraduate and graduate students. She does recruiting for both and says they are two completely different markets. She spends time on travel and event planning, communicating with other departments on campus to help set and reach goals the department and School of Business have established. Campbell states,

“I am doing my job because I love Greenville College! I see so much value in the degree and the experiences that I had here as an Undergrad student and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to help maintain and create that value. I feel like God led me to GC as a student, and now he has provided this amazing opportunity for me to grow and learn as I work for His plans for GC. It is an honor and a privilege to work for an organization that I am so passionate about and to know, without a doubt, that I am also serving the Kingdom of God and His greater plan.”

Campbell knows the Briner School of Business is doing many things to better GC, such as proposing new majors to the college, and getting them accepted.


Corey Miller – Music Department

Corey Miller is an Admissions GA to the Music Department. He works to recruit vocalists, instrumentalists, and audio engineers while assisting the incoming students with their transition. Miller states, “Whether they are first-time freshman or transfer seniors, I want to help them grow and learn through our Christ-centered environment here at Greenville.” Miller is determined to develop more efficient ways to communicate with future students. He is pushing the engagement through social media, emails, and letters to let students know the department and school truly have a great interest in their personally and spiritually. Miller explains,

“As an Admissions Counselor, you have to be a mini-expert in all aspects of the College. My position allows me to take some of that load off Admissions and to communicate the intricacies of Scholarship Auditions, placement exams, and other needs while they work directly with their counselor on their general needs.”

Miller strives to help the Music Department do all they can to better Greenville College and the students who arrive on campus each year.


Joe Schoepf – Football

Joe Schoepf is a GA for the Greenville College’s football team. Schoepf serves the team by taking on many different roles, including the Offensive Line coach, coordinating film, creating highlight videos, running social media pages, recruiting, being responsible for players’ academic plans and other tasks. He works hard at bettering this program because he was once a football player for GC. Schoepf states,

“There are a few reasons why I am coaching. I believe that football is a platform to promote transformation in the lives of young men on and off the field. I want to help the program at Greenville continue to do so. All of my mentors have been coaches here at Greenville College and my life was changed during my four years here. Also, the fact that I have been given a similar opportunity is almost surreal and I am extremely grateful and humbled by it.”

Schoepf recognizes he is bettering Greenville College by pouring into the program he is a part of and helping it continue to carry out its mission of developing young men into great leaders, servants and followers of Christ. He knows by doing this, the players will make an impact in all the roles they will carry throughout their lives.

Greenville College Graduate Assistants are doing their best to better the programs they are a part of and the students’ lives they have the opportunity of knowing. Next time you see a GA, don’t forget to let them know they are appreciated.


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