How to Have a Scare-Free Halloween

Written by Juliana Bringer. Media by Mary Todd Christian


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because you get to dress up in goofy or geeky costumes without ridicule and enjoy candy and fun like a child again. Since Halloween is almost here, we want to share fun ways to celebrate without scaring yourself or others. Halloween is meant to be fun. However, some movies and haunted houses can be enough to scare people away. I don’t want that. I want all of us to enjoy the holiday! So, here are some ways to have a scare-free Halloween!


Watch Family-Friendly Movies
There aren’t only scary Halloween movies, there are also comedies and adventures. Some great movies include Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, the Scooby Doo movies/shows (both animated and live action), the Halloweentown movies, The Haunted Mansion, Practical Magic and many more. None of these are particularly scary, yet they still embrace the spirit of Halloween. Though I’ve never liked cartoons, I’ve always loved Scooby Doo! He’s a great way to get into the Halloween spirit without being scared. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic. It’s got just the right amount of creepiness, but it’s balanced with the musical element.

Throw Your Own Costume Party
If you’re worried about someone else’s party being too geared towards the horror genre, throw your own party. Make invitations to let people know not to wear something scary. Keep it fun! Give the party it’s own theme or have costume contests like Best Superhero, Best Disney Character, or Most Creative. This is a way to help ensure that your guests are not going to break out the corpse costume. Listen to some fun tunes. Find a good playlist on Spotify or Pandora, or create your own. Play the soundtracks from the movies listed above.


Local Pumpkin Patch
Go to your local pumpkin patch. They are generally cheap and you can pick a pumpkin to carve, paint, or leave plain just as an accent. Bring some friends along to have a blast picking out the perfect pumpkin! Some pumpkin patches have fun activities you can do while there. When you’re done picking your pumpkin(s), grab a carving kit or paint and go about decorating your pumpkin. Listen to some jams and have your friends over. You could also use the pumpkin seeds to make some food afterward.

Halloween Episodes
Watch the Halloween episodes of either your favorite tv show or some well-known sitcoms. Some examples are Psych’s “Tuesday the 17th”, “Heeeeere’s Lassie”, and “This Episode Sucks. One of my favorite Halloween episodes is Reba’s “Best Li’l Haunted House in Texas, it is hilarious. Any show you pick is bound to have at least one Halloween episode. A lot of tv shows build tension and suspense before revealing something laughable and ridiculous.

These ideas are just stepping stones to having a scare-free yet fun Halloween. Dress up in a clever costume or as a superhero. You can’t go wrong with a superhero. Watch some fantastic Halloween movies that aren’t of the horror genre. Carve some pumpkins! Watch your favorite tv shows! But always remember, Halloween is meant to be fun!

Happy Halloween Everyone!


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