League of Legends

Written by and Media Trey Adams. [divide]

Every Saturday, at 2 pm the Greenville Club team competes worldwide.

Every Saturday beginning on the 10th, the Greenville College League of Legends club team competes nationwide against other online gamers. League of Legends “is a multiplayer online battle arena, real-time strategy video game.” The games are full of fantasy worlds and the spellbinding competition between other online gamers is extremely intense.

The Greenville team competes together to defend their forts, land, and each other against their opponents. As the competition begins, strategic cooperation must take place among the players on the same side. Certainly there cannot be Kobe Bryant-type players in the battlefield of League of Legends, for a selfish player without cooperation you are doomed to lose. Each team must function as a unit and use cohesive strategies in order to win.

GC’s new club is always welcoming more members to the team. The current players are Adam Gaus, Brian Connelly, Joey Seabaugh, Jonathan Goodenow, and Randy Mueller. The team plays every Saturday except over holiday breaks. Last Saturday, they lost both matches of competition to their opponents. Sometimes it is hard to know the skill level of the opponent until the end of the match. According to Game Faqs, matches can last from 35 to 45 minutes. One of the members, Adam Gaus, quoted, “Usually, the games take about twenty to thirty minutes but it only took us twenty minutes to lose the first match. We play the game because we love it.”

League of Legends 55
A true team sticks together and learns to work as a unit.

We usually don’t think about online games as a sport, but these players would argue that their games are just as competitive as any football or basketball game. League of Legends provides an opportunity for competition and teamwork that brings together a group of students from extracurricular activities ranging from music to bass fishing. League of Legends creates a bond among the five Greenville team members as they strategize together whether they win or lose the match.


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