Q&A with Burritt CRE Rose Marinucci

Written by Kaylee Summers. Media by Aaron Phillips. [divide]

Rose Marinucci source:Facebook
Rose Marinucci

Rose Marinucci, Coordinator for Residence Education, is the head lady residing over Burritt Hall. This is her first year working at Greenville College replacing the former CRE of Burritt Hall, Emily Humpherys. Last semester, Humpherys left early to pursue her dreams while Kelsey Groves and Keli Totton stepped in as CREs for the rest of the semester. Listed below are the questions and responses from an interview with the CRE of Burritt Hall, Rose Marinucci. Rose gives us insight into what she does and how she wants Burritt Hall to grow.

Where are you from?
“I am from Ohio.  I grew up in Newcomerstown and went to college in Canton.”
Where did you go to college?
“I went to Malone University and studied Spanish and Educational Ministries.”
What is your job?
“I am the Graduate Assistant Coordinator for Residence Education (CRE) in Burritt Hall.”
What do you do?
“I get to hang out with college students! I pour time and energy into the ten student Resident Chaplains (RCs) of my building, doing leadership development and learning how to live authentic lives with one another.  Another part of my job is ensuring the health and safety of the 180 residents, primarily freshmen, of Burritt, and providing resources for them to thrive during their time at Greenville. Sometimes that means making sure a room meets fire code and sometimes that means inviting everyone to my apartment for cookies!  I am also a graduate student at Geneva College working towards my masters in Higher Education.”
How did you end up at Greenville?

Keli Totton Source: Facebook
Keli Totton
Source: Facebook

“I knew I wanted to get my master’s degree through Geneva College, and they included this position at Greenville on the list of GAs.  So I applied, flew here for an interview and loved it!”

What is the biggest challenge of being the CRE of Burritt?
“It is hard to talk about when we mess up.  As much as I dislike having conversations about how someone else has messed up, I love the redemption that can exist in that situation.”
How do you hope to see the community in Burritt grow?
“I think there is a natural sort of community that grows with a majority of freshmen students. Girls can ask questions and find that the girl down the hall has the same question and they can set out on a mission to solve the question together!  There’s also a great role that upperclassmen play in this hall as they can be a support for the freshmen.  I hope to see authenticity in relationships and
solidarity as these women recognize that being different from one
another can form a stronger community.”
Kelsey Groves source: Facebook
Kelsey Groves
source: Facebook

What is your favorite part of being the CRE of Burritt?

“I love sharing my home and hearing stories and seeing glimpses into hearts that are finding their passion and purpose.  My job is growing in Christ in all areas of life with women — what’s not to love?”
Rose Marinucci brings life and joy to the halls of Burritt.  The RCs she mentors love her, and all of Burritt appreciates the behind the senses work she does to keep Burritt the lovely place many girls call their home away from home.  In the words of Rebecca Munshaw, RC of First Burritt Annex and West, “Rose has really brought creativity and a sense of community to Burritt.  We are all glad she is here with us this year to live life alongside us.”


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